30 days without sugar

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9 months ago


Let me confess to you that I am a sugar addict, a fan of sweets and cake, and a person who never gets enough of eating chocolate.

But I am also keen on my weight and shape at the same time, but I do not remember that I continued on one number and weight for two consecutive weeks, and the reason is that I eat chocolate and sugars daily.!

Sometimes I exhaust myself with exercise and healthy eating, but I don't see a clear change and the reason is that I eat cake and sugar every day, which is something I can't do without!

And I know very well that eating sugars like this every day is not healthy at all and will make my attempts to build an athletic and healthy body very difficult.


What's the solution.!

Will I remain weak and driven by my appetite and love for sugars like this?!

I am against deprivation, against depriving oneself of any life pleasures, the simplest of which is eating what we love, but I know at the same time that the way I eat sugars is very wrong and will not make me achieve the goals I want in terms of reaching the right weight and shape and staying on them for a long time.

Therefore, I decided to challenge myself in front of you and stop completely for 30 days from eating sweets, cake, chocolate and all unnatural sugars, and only eat fruits.

And I will put some measurements for you before the start of the experiment, and after 30 days, I will put my own measurements after the end of the experiment.

Currently, I go to the gym 4 to 5 times a week, and I do weightlifting (light and medium weights) in addition to exercises based on body weight. The aim of these exercises is to improve body shape and build some muscles, in addition to losing a few kilograms (2 to 4 kg). ) as well as fat loss.

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