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2 years ago

From outside the gate of the house

I see the planting

I was a little surprised, I mean

Nihin ki aaj

Didn't return?


Duplicate home to me

The key was, that

With the door open inside the room

I entered.

The house is completely dark, lights

I did not burn.

I sat on the sofa in the dark room.


Nihin almost became angry with me

Almost her

But he goes to his mother's house

Ever been there

Didn't go. No matter how angry, in the morning

Home with me

I would have left. I left

I would go

He would go to the office and his mother

At home.

But at night when I'm in the office

I used to come back from

By then he would have gone homeMine

Cooking for

All the food on the dining table

I would have left it at that.

Then go to bed to one side

Lying down quietly

Read. Not just one thing, that's it

With me

Did not speak As long as he is angry

I will not redeem it till then

He would have remained silent.


But that is not the case today

First maybe

To sleep without me


The chest is wailing at the thought

Got up.


Lots of cravings back from the office

It still takes

Like but not at home

Who doesn't see

Khuda disappeared. However

I know food

Refrigerated. Not mine

All ready for

That's it, every time

As if at night

When he came back, he was stunned

Do not cook

Is. Outside food and me

Never eat

I came to eat one day

Tell her what

Anger, since that day

Never eat out

I didn't even touch it.


The food is no longer eaten, it is fresh

Come on

I lay in bed, three months later

In this bed

Sleeping alone. The problem is

Nihin's beating

Being close to home, next door

Home in the area

Because only when Nihin wants

She is there

If it was in another district

Then so much more

Could not dare.

Let's tie the morning thing, what

He left for


One little thing is another


Usually there will be no more anger

The anger subsided again

He left home.


The incident started the day before yesterday, Nihin

Who's new?

At the home of a married girlfriend

To take a trip

There was talk, but of my office

It is under work pressure

No more.

This morning Nihin said,

- When will you take me?

-Wait, wait a minute ,,,

- Leave, let's go tomorrow,

- I'll try to see,


I see that is what Nihin likes

Gone, he said

I wanted to go to my girlfriend's house

So take a vacation

You don't want any of your relatives

If so, exactly two

Nita took three months off.


I listened to him! I said, oh

The whole Puri quarrel

But I do not want to be in the mood.

Going to the office

The question is to make the mood worse before

Don't wake up.

So I said nothing, no

To speak alone

I didn't get any answer

Nihin more

Got angry .Once upon a time,

- No, don't stay here, people here


There are objects.


That's the story ,,, no girl in it

The father became angry

I can go home

Didn't know. Of course

I do not know much!

Nihin does a lot of work

No idea

I don't have


On the side of the bed for an hour

Opash, sleep

I don't think it will come again. Last three months

Who is Nihin?

I slept wrapped up and suddenly empty today

In bed

How to sleep.

Not to go to Nihin

Yes, it will be like this

No. Leave from office for tomorrow

I took it

That too will be in vain if not

If not.

With the clock on the table

I saw 12. 30

It's too late. You can't go at night.

In the neighborhood

Nihin's mother's house.


And I don't think about bikes


Went, five minutes to go

But not

Will come back with me

Not to see that



Nihin's home area is full

Dark, scared

If it falls into the hands of the police, it is a thief again

Sounds good

Lets not give medium. I

In front of Nihin's house

Call Nihin's number

I gave, but the phone

Off. Home since that morning


It can be suppressed, but in it

Fool yourself

It will be proved, Nihin's mother

The woman is mine

Anger on, and so many nights

What to disturb

Who knows what to say?


I saw the light in Nihin's room

Burning, though

This is not Nihin's house now. Nihin's


Mihin's house

On the second floor, on the street

When in love with Nihin

I used to see him

If you want, come home at night

Standing down

I would give the horn of the bike, three times in total

I would

Nihin would have understood that I had come.

I have to try to do that today

Horn three times

I gave it to Nihin's house

Open the window

Gone. Nihin's face down

Look, house

His face is clear in the light

It was seen.

After a while he took his face inside the room

The window

Stopped, I horn again

I gave.

That's when my cell phone rang,


The call is coming from the number. I call

Got it,


- Why are you honking?

-Come down,



- I have nothing to do with you anymore,

- What do you say, go home. Sleep

Not catching you


- No, don't go.


That's all Nihin cut off the call.

The ring that I am

I gave back his number again


I also called Mihin's number

Her number

Off. What do I do?

That's when I remembered Shantar

At home

The only one is my man. Calm down

Nihin's younger

Brother, and my only brother-in-law.


He called her number

Fell, I think

Waiting for me

- Yes, brother.

- How is your sister?

- Apu is very angry!

-Open the gate!



I have to knock on the gate twice

Opened, me

I thought Shanta opened the gate

But not it

Nihin was.

He looked at me and said,

-What do you want,


- Get out of here,



I stepped inside, staring

I see Mihin R.

Shant is standing. Nihin is mine

Holding hands again

He brought it out of the gate and made it stand.

I said,

- The bed is empty. Come on, don't sleep.

- What do I do if you can't sleep?


Mihin said from behind,

- You can't sleep either


Besides, why are you angry?


Nihin turned back in anger

Who said

- Shut up. I'll stay up all night

I will not sleep

Don't go to inanimate objects.


I said,

- Please, don't eat anything at night. Let's go


- No, don't go, eat inanimate objects

Don't worry.

- I'm not an inanimate object

-Then talk so much in the morning

I said, one thing

Why not?

- In fact, if we talked, there would be more quarrels


- Oh, well.


That's why I put the Nihin gate

Got to give, then

I said,

- I will take leave tomorrow.


Nihin did not put the gate, he

A smile appeared on his face.

He hugged me

Mihin and Shanta K.

I gestured to another room

For but they

No more.


Nihin understands me

I left

I said,

-Let's go, then.

-Hmm, let's go.


Nihin turned around and asked Mihin

Said on purpose

- I went, I told my mother.


Mihin said,

- Mother knows you are together

Never without

Can't stay. So he already

Dulabhai was saying

Will come and cook more

Asking to keep.


Everyone in the house heard the word

Laughed. I

I told everyone to shut up later

Nihin's mother again

Didn't wake up. My mother-in-law

As much as the woman

Not so bad. Mine

Notice her

It was good. Since there is food

So eat

It's overI knew he wasn't

Didn't eat so

I sat down with him. In the middle

Mihin and Shanta

He joined us.


As soon as I finished eating, I stopped

I didn't wait.

To put the gate to Mihin

Who doesn't say

The purpose of the house by bike

I left.

Go straight to the house

Nihin said,

- Let's go around, it's such a time

Not available.

-Hmm, let's go.


Nihin grabbed me tightly, me

The bike is different

I took to the streets tonight

Night of wandering

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Written by   10
2 years ago
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sokal apner post dekhlam tokhon silo wife akhn asche friend vai manush bade robot niye lekhen.. coz sobai beiman hoi.. bipod a porle sob e dekhe chere chole jay.. tai vabtasi akta robot palbo j ki na sudu amk chinbe jni tar nijer kisu korar khomota ta nai taw palbo... beiman Theke dure thakar jonno... onk blv korsilam sob e ak.... jibon a vlo manush pailam nah

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2 years ago

Friends is a part of life.. We can not think our life without friends.

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2 years ago