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# Incomplete_love

No one will comment badly after the whole story

"I will never forget the happiness you gave me today."

“So I understand?

Hmmm well Rafi! What if I get pregnant for what I do today? “

"No, please eat."

Whatever evil you have done, it seems that nothing will happen.

Don't caress me anymore. I gave you everything today! (Elusive)

Come on, (Rafi)

Hmmm, I'm close (elusive)

Come closer, as close as you can, I can hear your breathing. (Rafi)

From the side of the door, in the face of his girlfriend, hearing the naughtiness of his friend, the ground shifted from under his feet!

The one I trusted more than myself cheated on my PBA love today.

Water started dripping from his eyes. The blue sari bought with the tuition money fell from his hand.

Hands and feet are shaking. The inside of the chest is bursting, is this the elusive that the elusive would have gone crazy if he hadn't seen me one day!

I can't think of anything. I stabbed the roses in my hand.

Suddenly the door opened and Rafi was surprised to see me. Rafi was not at all ready to see me look like this. Rafi's body is shaking.

Why are you standing at this Rafi door, and do not caress a little? Rafi is not talking. Getting out of the elusive bed, I was startled to come to the door! Why are you here?

Sorry to come to your thrilling moment. If you had known before, I would never have come to interrupt a happy moment. (I)

Raj, nothing happened to what you think. (Elusive)

Hmmm, nothing happened, just lipstick stains on the shirt. The stigma is elusive on every layer of your body. Was it the reward of love that destroyed you? Honestly I made a mistake in recognizing people! Are you my elusive?

Believe me Raj, I really didn't do anything. Rafi and I were watching a movie here. You know, Rafi is my cousin.

Hmmm, come on, remember one thing always, you have to suffer the consequences of sin. My tears will make you cry. I swear love my PBA you will cry very much. Find me among the stars of the evening sky. The morning will remind you of me. The rainbow's seven colors will remind you of me. There was no interest in my love, there was no extra emotion. So today I lost you. Be well!

Elusive stopped calling me.

Meanwhile, when I came home, I took out the diary written about the elusive. I hid the diary in my chest and cried like crazy. I could not even burn the fire. All the memories of the lips are floating in my eyes and tears are flowing.

Today is the second day I do not go to tuition.

Not going to varsity. I was lying in the morning when someone came and poured water on the village. He poured water on the village. As soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a blue woman staring at me with an angry look through the gap in her glasses.

Why did you call me this dog? Am I your sala?

Are you here?

Why can't I come. This is what you look like, it looks like Purai Devdas. I can see the ink under my eyes. (Talk)

I will not show anything. Let me be alone

If you talk about being alone again, I will kill you. Don't go to bastard varsity! What happened to the lips.

I kept the pain in my mind, smiled and said, there is nothing!

So come on, you're wearing a blue shirt today. Ready to force me to go to varsity. My head is still spinning elusive. Even after so much love, someone will cheat like this. What a crime, what a crime to love someone with all your heart.

I am sitting under the banyan tree of the varsity and looking at the blue sky. Suddenly spoke.

Well, what does love mean? Why does a person cry for the sake of love? Can you tell me? (Talk)

I looked away from the blue sky and looked at the words. He is looking at me with curious eyes. I began to say, "Love is the bond between two souls." In the midst of hundreds of dangers, tell your loved one, do not be afraid, I am with you! Love means to wrap the sheet of one's body around the man of love in the freezing cold fog. What's in the middle of a room dating is the emotion that tarnishes PBA love. Love is not forgetting someone even when they are far away from each other. Love is to walk hand in hand in the midst of hundreds of obstacles! Love means keeping the dignity of faith. Why are you crying about this?

Hearing the description of your love, tears came to the corners of your eyes unknowingly.

I never said the name of the person you love!

He is always in front of me, how can I explain if he does not understand.

What do you mean in front of you?

Hey crazy, the monkey comes in front of me as soon as I close my eyes.

Hmmm, got it! Suddenly I heard the sound of a bike and looked at the varsity campus. Elusive, I saw Rafi hugging him and riding his bike towards the canteen. I followed them without saying anything. I went to the canteen and saw Rafi feeding the elusive. Elusive is feeding Rafi. Today, Rafi and Adhara are sitting at the table where I used to sit and put food in the mouth of Adhara. I couldn't stand it anymore. Going to the two of them, I told Rafi, you will not mix with the lips. Elusive my love. Suddenly the elusive slapped my cheek.

How dare a little guy like you grab the collar of Rafi's shirt. And love, what kind of love? I will not spend a single day on the income of a small person like you.

How dare a little guy like you grab the collar of Rafi's shirt. And love, what love ?I will not spend a single day on the income of a small person like you for the whole month. If I see you in front of me next time, there will be no one worse than me.

Everyone is looking at me and smiling. I am looking at the face of the lips. How much this magical face promised, insulted like this in front of everyone today. I left the campus and went straight home. Someone was calling from behind, I looked back and saw a bike coming, I fell on the back road before I understood anything. The head is bleeding. He ran to talk, wrapped his head around his chest and cried. Then I closed my eyes unknowingly

I opened my eyes and saw that my head was bandaged. The chest feels very heavy. I see that the words are lying on my chest. What are you talking about, why are you lying here?

Listening to me, he raised his head from his chest and stood with a shy face.

Suddenly, the nurse came and said, "Madame, I didn't tell you not to get tense. Mr. Raj you have got a wife who is really very lucky. Those three days did not move by your side. He prayed and cried.


After a while the doctor came and said, "Mr. Raj, you are out of danger. I am prescribing some medicine, take it.

When the doctor left, I said, why didn't you go home? And why are you telling the nurse you are my wife!

I said I did well, that's why the door nurse doesn't let me stay with you. Meanwhile, after staying for a month, he recovered completely.

I haven't seen the elusive once in a month. Sitting in the room, looking at the picture of the lips. Suddenly the words came and the blue sari fell.

What's the matter, where are you going as a fairy?


To the prince of my heart.

So I understand, you never told your prince?

You are my prince tie.

What do you mean?


Raj, I'm not telling you, I love someone with whom I have decorated the world of my dreamsI painted his picture with the color of love, that man is none other than you. I really love you more than Budd. I can bear it all, not your pain. I know I won't have a place in your bosom, because even if the elusive cheated, you couldn't forget him. Will your love beg me, give me a little space under your feet. He knelt down and said the words at once, tears glistening in his eyes. I can't think what to do. I couldn't even return the word. I decided in my mind that I will get married this week.

I embraced the words. When the parents were told about the marriage, they did not agree. They already liked the word.

The marriage was over. He also invited Adhara to the wedding. I didn't do it at first but later I didn't do it because of stubbornness. Elusive came, but much drier than before. He was looking at me with wide eyes. The chest was bursting. It was more difficult to see Rafi next to him.

The two of them have been gone for a while.

Meanwhile, a week after the wedding, I was sitting in the room, reading stories. As if someone is repeatedly locking the door, I see Rafi standing as soon as I open the door. Despite the reluctance, I said why are you coming?

How can I say Raj Bhaiya, (in a tearful voice)

What happened?


Elusive Api died last night. And left a diary for you.

Hearing that, the ground under my feet moved. The spring sky seemed to be turned upside down by the storm of tomorrow. I know why I am bursting into tears. Adharato cheated on me, but why is it so hard. This Rafi is not elusive, your gossip, why are you calling me?

Brother read the diary and found out everything. And the janaza of the lips will be tomorrow at 9 am

When Rafi left, I opened the first page of the diary and saw,


Today I am very happy, thousands of thanks to Allah Ta'ala. The man I love has found Raj. God has accepted my prayer.

In the next few pages, I saw all the quarrels between the two of us. (Laughter and tears glistening in the diary page)

Turning a few pages, I saw the date marked and written, "Today is a memorable day in my life. I have promised Raj that I will love him till death. If he survives, I will marry him!"

The next few pages are written in blue ink. "For a few days my head hurt a lot, I didn't tell Raj, I know Raj's heart will hurt me and Budd too much." So the CT scan without informing him, the report that came, shuffled my sorted dreams in an instant. My blood cancer, I am in the last stage, death is calling me by hand. Who told the doctor, how long will I live in that condition? The doctor didn't mean to say,

Today, in my life, however, he insisted, "I can live a maximum of 50 or 60 days." Tears came to his eyes without knowing it. The trouble is not for me, the trouble is for the king. Her enchanted face is floating again and again. Raj will not live without me. His life will be ruined for me. I want the man I love to have a smile on his face. May he always be happy.

I thought all night and in the morning I thought I would bury my love in my chest for the happiness of Raj. Kotha likes Raj, so I swore to him that I should not let the sick Raj know. To get rid of Raj, I told my cousin Rafi about my plan. Even if he doesn't do it at first, he agrees whenever I try to catch Rafi's leg.

Well, sister, can I say something?


Raj bhai will think you are bad?


Hmmm, think about it, my hard work will teach my loved one to live anew. His happiness is that I get the absolute.

Truly I have defeated all the love of the world to your love.


When Rafi agreed, I covered Rafi's house and got the news that Raj was coming to my house. But I'm like a flower. With Raj's PBA love, I will give up my last breath.

Today I slapped my heart. I came to the kitchen and put my hand on the fire and burned it. The maid came and tied him up. I have been crying all night with the picture of Raj on my chest. When I die, I can't take it in my chest anymore


Today is the wedding of my collar piece. Invited me She looks very beautiful today to decorate the groom. I want to run and hug Raj and say, love is blinking more than my life. I can't stay any longer, I went straight to the hospital with Rafi. The doctors are busy trying to save me. Then I don't remember anything else. When I regained consciousness after a week, I told Rafi how is Raj? I took the diary from Rafi and sat down to write again. I realized, I don't have the energy to write the last time. Still, I took the pen from the nurse, put the pen in my diary and said to Allah Ta'ala, "O Allah, give me the strength to write."



Raj, I really want to see you. I can't look you in the eye even if I want to. Both eyes are closing. The picture on your glass frame is also broken. Like the dreams I had of you. I am writing with your broken picture wrapped around my chest.

When I died, it came to my ears and said, "I love you." I wanted to hear that word from your mouth. Why are you crying? I took you in my arms. This madman has to cry in my chest too.

"Be well, I'll see you every day in the evening." I will never let it be hidden. "


Your elusive!

When I read the letter, I did not notice that the letter was wet with tears. After reading the letter, I burst into tears. The magical face of the lips is floating again and again.

Meanwhile, the corpse of the lips has been kept with a bath. As soon as I approached the corpse, it seemed as if someone was saying, "You don't know, I'm in pain when you cry." I looked around and saw that there was no one. I went to the corpse of the lips and said I love you more than Budd.


Note: The world is not full of all love. And at the end of it all, many people have made bad comments at the beginning. It's not wise to blame someone for everything

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1 year ago
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I like love story so much.. Love is a part of life

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1 year ago

Good thinking I appreciate that

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