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Thirty words of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) about Paradise: -

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Please read today's prostitute with your mind.

1) 70,000 people from among the ummah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) will go to Paradise without it. - [Ahmad, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah - Abu Umama

2) A small number of people who kept their sides away from their comfortable beds at night will enter Paradise without it. All the remaining people will be instructed to take account. [Bayhaqi- Asma (Ra.)]

3) The people of Paradise will meet in the market every Friday and the beauty of the people of Paradise will increase. [Muslim- Anas Ra.]]

4) The level of Paradise will be 100 and the highest level of Paradise is Jannatul Ferdous. When you ask Allah for Paradise, you will ask for Paradise. [Tirmidhi Obai Ibn Samet (ra)]

5) Paradise is better than all the earth. (Muwatta - Abu Hurairah)

6) If a woman (Hur) from Paradise looks at the earth, the whole world will be enlightened and the space between the heavens and the earth will be fascinated by the fragrance. The urn on their heads is better than the whole world and its wealth. [Bukhari- Anas (ra.)]

7) The amount of space to keep a whip in Paradise is better than the whole world and everything in it. [Muwatta - Abu Hurairah (ra)]

7) Even if a rider rides in the shade of a tree in Paradise for 100 years, he will not be able to reach the end. [Bukhari, Muslim Abu Hurairah]

9) There will be a tent 60 miles long made of pearls in Paradise. The vessels and utensils of Paradise will be gold and silver. [Bukhari, Muslim Abu Musa (ra)]

10. They will enter Paradise in the form of a full moon. (A) They will not have quarrels and hatred in their hearts. (B) They will never get sick. (C) They will not urinate. (D) They will not spit. (E) Dirt will not come out of their noses. (F) Their comb will be a gold comb. (G) The fuel of their incense will be agar. (H) Their skin will smell like musk. (I) They will be like one person. (J) Their physical constitution will be like that of (the original father) Adam (a :). [Bukhari, Muslim Abu Hurairah]

11) The food of the people of Paradise will be consumed by belching and sweating. [Bukhari, Muslimyabir (ra)]

12) The people of Paradise will be drowned in happiness and peace. There will be no desperate worries and anxieties. Clothing will not be dirty, will not be old. Their youth will not be exhausted. [Muslim Abu Huraira (ra)]

13. The people of Paradise will live forever. Will never die. There will always be youth and not old age. [Muslim Abu Saeed (RA)]

14. A party will enter Paradise whose hearts will be like the hearts of birds. [Muslim Abu Huraira (ra)]

15) God will say to the dwellers of Paradise, "I have given you satisfaction, and I will never be displeased with you." [Bukhari, Muslima Abu Saeed (RA)]

16. The rivers of Paradise will become Saihan, Jaihan, Euphrates and Nile. [Muslim - Abu Hurairah]

16. The hopes and aspirations of the servant in Paradise will be doubled. [Muslim - Abu Hurairah]

16. The gates of Paradise are equal to the distance of 40 years, a day will come when it will be full. [Muslim-Utbah Ibn Khazwan (R.)]

19. The bricks of Paradise are made of gold and silver. The pebbles are pearls, and the spices are fragrant musk. [Tirmidhi - Abu Hurairah]

20. All the trees of Paradise will be golden. [Tirmidhi - Abu Hurairah]

21. There are 100 levels of Paradise, the interval between the two levels is a hundred years. [(Tirmidhi - Abu Hurairah)

22. Even if all the people of the world are gathered in one level of the 100 levels of Paradise, it will be enough. [Tirmidhi Abu Saeed (RA)]

23. The high bed of Paradise (Sururum Marfua) is the amount of distance between the heavens and the earth - the path of 500 years. [Tirmidhi Abu Saeed (RA)]

24. Paradise will be given to every person the strength of 100 men. [(Tirmidhi - Abu Hurairah)

25. The people of Paradise will be without hair and without beard. Their choke will be tuned. [Tirmidhi - Abu Hurairah]

26. The people of Paradise will enter Paradise at the age of 30 or 33. [Tirmidhi, Mayaj Ibn Jabal (ra)]

26. The water of Kawsar in Paradise will be whiter than milk and sweeter than honey. [Tirmidhi Asan (R.)] 26) If the people of Paradise want camels and horses, they will get both and they will fly away as fast as they want. In it you will find all the things that your mind desires and your eyes will fill. [Tirmidhi-Abu Buraida (R.)]

29. The people of Paradise will have 120 rows. Of these, 70 will be from Qatar. The remaining 40 qatars will belong to other ummahs. [Tirmidhi - Buraida (ra)]

30. There is a market in Paradise where there is no buying and selling. There will be figures of men and women. So whenever one likes a shape, he will be transformed into that shape. [(Tirmizi-Ali (ra.)]

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Written by   10
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Your article about jannat is really good.. I like it so much

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