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We Should Be Proud of Our Jobs

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4 months ago

Our parents worked hard to give us better education. In order fo us to pay them, we studied hard and graduated.

After graduating, we will look for a job to help our parents in return. It is like giving back for all their sacrifices and hardships to us though their sacrifices cannot be replaced by money.

They just want us to have a stable job to have a better future. They don't want us to experience what they did when they were young.

Once we get hired, that is the the time to prove and apply what we learned from school. We should work hard and be proud of our jobs.

Some are fortunate to work in the company where they can use their chosen course. They will be more effective because they can use their knowledge at work.

For example, an accounting graduate was able to work in an Accounting Firm or in a well-known bank.

An IT graduate was able to work in one if the biggest IT Company in the country.

But some chose to work in companies where it is completely different from their course. Maybe it was hard for them to look for a job based on their course or they simply want to try something new for them.

Nowadays, most graduates applied in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) or call centers. This is where most graduates from different courses work.

Others put up their own businesses where they are the ones who manage their job. They are the boss and the employee at the same time. Unlike in companies where you have your boss who controls and monitors your work. But you need to be knowlegeable in the business you choose for you to be successful.

Be Proud

Whatever jobs we have, be proud and work hard. Do not underestimate our jobs. Some may have white or blue collar jobs with high paying salary but let us not be insulted with them.

But there are also jobs for undergraduate or who did not finish their studies. It may be because of financial crisis or they neglected their studies before. These are jobs with low salary.

But we should be proud that we have a job. That means we are earning. We have something to feed to our family. We have money to pay our monthly bills and we can buy what we want to eat. We can also save money.

I Am Proud

I am proud of my job because in my work as a Processing Associate, I work with ny colleagues who came from different universities and colleges with different courses. We have same job though difference with salaries. That means that we all have same learning experience at work

But that doesn't mean that I am bragging negatively. I am just proud that I can jive with them.

I also learned a lot from my work. I learn how to analyze a certain issue, learn from your own mistakes and never assume. Always ask but take note of the answers. I also learned to focus in my work.

I am also proud as a writer. I may have written few articles compared to others but I can say that it's a gift because ideas are coming. Like what I've said, being a writer, we have this power of imagination. You have to trust in yourself before others begin trusting you.

Do Not Underestimate

I remember a close person who told me that he was underestimated by his own younger brother because of his job. He is a security guard but he is a college undergraduate.

His younger brother was only elementary graduate. But his job now is from delivery worker to office staff. He is proud of his job but he underestimated his brothers job. He sent to me their exchange of messages and when I read it, I was totally mad at his younger brother. He insulted his brother so much.

He is so mean with his words. He thinks of his older brothers job as a very easy job. That being a security guard, all you need to do is just to stand and guard. He doesn't know that being a security guard, you need to have trainings, too before passing the job.

He insulted his brother by saying that he did not finish elementary but he is working now in office, in front of the computer and just asking for their security guards to make him a coffee.

He was trying to say that his older brother who reached college is still a security guard. While him, he became successful by his own learning only. He wants to prove to his older brother that he is better.

Without his yonger brother knowing, his older brother became the Security In Charge and Officer In Charge at his previous jobs. It means, he is doing a great job. He was noticed and promoted because he has the quality of being a superior.

My Final Say

The rate of unemployment is high especially this pandemic. Everyone suffered financial crisis. So to us that is continue working, let us love our jobs because this is our source of income.

To those who have no job, let us not stop looking. We just need to be patient.

Once we find a job, let us prove to the conpany that we are deserving employees. Always be on time and listen attentively.

I want to thank everyone reading and upvoting my articles especially to my sponsors who continue supporting me: CryptoMax, immaryandmerry and Bjorn.

Happy reading!!

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Written by   56
4 months ago
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That's true Miss Shyness, we should be really proud of what jobs we have, and I can say that I am also proud for being a sales lady.😊

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4 months ago

Correct. Be proud of whatever job we have as long as we earn it in the right way

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4 months ago