The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

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1 year ago

What comes into your mind upon reading the above sentence?

When I was in grade five, my adviser told us to write that sentence repeatedly in a whole sheet of paper. It was our first meeting day with her and that was the only thing that she told us to do the whole day. I was curious why do we meed to write that.

My Adviser

Upon meeting our adviser for the first time, I was already scared to her. She was old enough and her look was very strict especially when she started talking. She was very fluent in English and her voice was very powerful. But I admire her because my favorite subject was English.

My all time favorite is English subject which includes spelling, reading and pronunciation. I hate Mathematics and Mathematics hate me too. I don't know why I found English very interesting subject for me while Mathematics was too hard for me. I tried my best in learning it but I don't why I cannot absorb every lessons during Mathematics.

Going back, we wrote that sentence in one whole sheet of paper back to back. At first, I don't know why she let us wrote that. Then after passing the paper, she told us that she will keep it and show it to us until the end of our school year. I still have no idea why.

My adviser was a good teacher. I learned a lot from her. Then when we passed the paper, I thought we wil never wrote that sentence again.

One day, only few of us went to school due to bad weather. That time, I am scared to make absences. I don't want to miss any topics. I am always present in school. Since we we were only few that time, she told us that we will do nothing but writing again "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" We wrote it the whole day. Everytime we finished writing that in a whole pad of paper, we will show it to her and she will correct our handwriting. She will encircle the errors and we have to do it again until it is perfect. If we have no errors, that is the time we can stop and rest.

What Does It Mean?

The reason why she let us wrote that sentence every free time and during our writing subject was to enhance our writing.

If you noticed, it is an exercise in writing because all of the letters in the alphabet were there. From a-z. We wrote it in a natural way:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Or all caps:


The Reward

Before the handwriting ended, there were students work who will be posted on the bulletin board for a job well done. Those are students who have less mistakes in writing.

I am proud that my work was once posted for a good handwriting. I felt proud because my handwriting was worst before. But with those exercises, it slowly made my handwriting eligible.

It was not easy for me and not that hard. You jist need to be patient in writing.

End of The Class

We have a happy class. I belong in the star section and I also belong to the honor students.

I can say that I learned a lot from my adviser especially in English. From Spelling which is also my favorite part of the subject, pronunciation and writing, of course.

Before the class ended, our adviser told us to write one more time the same sentence. We wrote it again in a whole pad of paper. After that, we were surprised when she gave us our first writing before the start of the class.

She told us to compare it with our latest handwriting. We were all laughing because of the big difference.

I was very surprised because I improved a lot. All the letters of the alphabet in my latest handwriting were all neat.

My Final Say

I realized that writing is like our daily life. We need to be patient. We need to work hard for us to succeed in whatever we want to do.

Writing only happens while we are studying but we can also used it once we work but it depends on our chosen job.

Most of us nowadays are using technology. Only few are using handwriting but still, we can apply it in our everyday lives.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day to all.

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1 year ago


That's a good handwriting exercise. The same sentence is used to develop typing speed.

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1 year ago

Yes it is an effective exercise for handwriting. It helped me a lot. Thank you.

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1 year ago

You have wonderful handwriting- thanks to your patient teacher. She must have been so proud of you. I don't have nice penmanship because I had to learn how to write again after my hands were paralyzed.

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1 year ago

I also don't have nice penmanship before. Now, since I don't write, it's coming back to old penmanship. But I need to practice again. Thank you.

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1 year ago