She Fell In Love With A Ghost

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April 30, 2022

Its been a long time since I last wrote an article. I still don't have work. I was busy at home. But now, I am slowly writing again. For being a month of absence, I have watched different Korean dramas in Netflix. One of those is "My Roommate Is A Gumiho".

The story is all about a teenager who fell in love with a gumiho or a ghost. It may be impossible in real life but even if, the story makes you fall in love with them.

How They Met

The young girl is Lee Dam. She is a simple and a pretty teenager with 2 close friends, a boy and girl. They always hang out together in school and even outside.

One night, they went out for a drink ouutside because their boy friend had a heartbreak with his girlfriend whom he love so mucb. They were all drunk but the other girl left first because of her English class. Lee Dam and his boy friend left also.

But since his friend was too drunk, he ran when he was outside and Lee Dam followed her. Unexpectedly, she saw his friend on top of an expensive car where he vomitted. She saw the owner watching on the side when it happened. The owner was a tall and handsome guy. He is Woo Seo but he was called as Sir by Lee Dam. She apologized to the man but he was not mad. He accepted the apology.

Suddenly his friend woke up and apologized also. He accidentally bumped Lee Dam which made her fall and the man catch him but Lee Dam hit the mans chest and a red stone came out from his mouth and passed to Lee Dam which made her faint.

When Lee Dam woke up, she was inside a beautiful and big house. It was Woo Seo's house. He explained that he was a gumiho and any mortal who digested the red stone will get weak and might die if it does not come out in a year. Also, any man who touched her who is under the year of tiger, will make her very sick amd weak. The gumiho told him to stay in his house so that he can protect her.

Lee Dam does not believe with everyrhing he said. She left the gumihos house and went home.

The Roommates

The next day, she went to school as if nothing happened. But suddenly, a man touched her which made her very weak. She remembered what the gumiho said. She went to the guys house and she was healed by the gumiho. She found out that the guy who touched her was born under the year of the tiger.

She decided to stay with the gumiho's house. They became roommates. At first, she was very scared but as days passed she became at ease and close with the guy.

The guy was always there to protect her. But even he was immortal, he has his limit on earth. His age is 999 years old which means that he needs to become human in his remaining one year. One of his friend who was also a gumiho before already turned into a human. They believe that he needed to get the womans power to make him a human.

But Lee Dam was also asking if the gumiho knew the way to get out the red stone in his tummy. But the man said that he doest not have any plans yet

As times passed, the two fell in love with each other. They went on dates but the gumiho noticed that Lee Dam is getting weaker because of the stone.

He knew at first how to get the stone out of Lee Dam's tummy but he kept it a secret to her because he already fell in love with her. But since he knew how Lee Dam was getting weaker, he kissed Lee Dam and the red stone was transferred to the gumihos tummy.

All her memories with the gumiho were erased at the same time as if they never met. Lee Dam woke up in her house again. But Woo Seo missed her. He applied as the replacement of their History professor in class. He was the teacher of Lee Dam. He thought that Lee Dam's memory with him were erased but it was not. She was crying and mad at him because he erased the memories with him which she thought that the guy does not love him. Lee Dam was always angry when they saw each other in school.

When the class went on a trip, the 2 talked to each other. Woo Seo kissed her and Lee Dam admitted that her memories were not erased. Maybe it was because of her strong personality like her mother.

The 2 were in a secret relationship until it was discovered by students who has a crush with Woo Seo.

When The Gumiho Was Gone

They became happier after their relationship were revealed. But the gumiho noticed with the changes in his powers. Sometimes it is not working and sometimes it does. They thought that maybe he is slowly turning into a human.

But those signs meant that he was about to be gone. He saved Lee Dam until his last day. Instead of the girl leaving the house of Woo Seo, she rather stayed and willing to wait for the man he love even there is no assuramce of him coming back.

But before the gumiho left, he told his friend who was a gumiho before to remove all the memories of Lee Dam with him so that the girl will not suffer and will not cry anymore.

But Lee Dam refused to remove the memories. She knew that the gumiho will return as a mortal. She waited for years.

Happy Ending

One morning, when she woke up, she saw the the man sitting in the couch. It was Woo Seo. He is now a human because of Lee Dam. It is because of the true love that made him alive.

My Final Say

It may be impossible in reality but the story showed that love has no boundaries. That love is powerful. Opposites do attract.

The story is very positive and has no boring moments. Every series is worth watching for.

This is where I also cried, giggled and laughed.

Thank you very much for reading and hope you find time watching "My Roommate Is A Gumiho".

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