One Year Since My Mother Passed Away

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April 27, 2021

The unforgettable and the saddest day of my family. Unexpected that it was the last day to be with my mother. She passed away during the pandemic. Relatives and friends were not able to see her last day in Earth.

April 27, 2022 - The Death Anniversary of My Mother

Even 1 year has passed, it felt like just yesterday. We all missed her. I missed her a lot. Even up to now, I cannot believe that she is not with us anymore.

We celebrated the day by prayer. A pastoral group in our subdivision lead the prayer for her. We served few foods after. My sister cooked menudo, lumpiang shanghai and my father cooked pansit canton.

In the afternoon, we went to the cemetery. There was no sun at all and there is fresh air. There were also other family who went here to visit their loved ones.

During All Saints Day, when my mother was still alive, she see to it that we go to cemetery to visit my sister and other relatives who passed away. It was a public cemetery so the place was very crowded. There were lots of people going back and forth and there is no privacy.

But when my mother passed away, her ashes were buried to a private cemetery. It was a totally different place from the public one. There was a clean air, the place was not crowded and there was a large space to pray, sit down and relax.

My family were there sitting in the grass. My mothers sister and her daughtee also came with us. We talked to each other even for that short time. We left when it was dark.

There are times that our house is so quiet. I remember my mother. She is the one I talked to everyday. Eventhough we don't have money, as long as were together and we have enough food on our plate, we are satisfied.

Unlike today, my sister is the one who helps us in daily chores. I am not good with cooking so she is the one who cooks for us in the morning or afternoon if my father cannot cook for the day. Since his husband and her son and daughter have jobs now, she spends her day with us and at night, she will go home to her family.

My sister is like our mother. Once she went home, I already felt depressed because she is the one I talk to most of the time. She took charge of our small business when I am not around. Once she leave the house, everything goes back to reality. Quiet and lonely.

But my son is with me and since he is a noisy kid, he is our clown most of the time. In a way, we became happy.

My Final Say

They say that we need to move on and move forward. It looks easy when we are the one giving advise to someone but if we are the one to be given an advise, we realized that it is really hard.

I got jealous of children who still have their mother. Whenever they go to malls or other places, they are with their mothers. Our father is still with us but it still feels incomplete. Something is already missed.

I pray to God that my mother is now at peace. That she is now happy in Jesus hands.

Let us love our mother while we still have them.

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