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My Random Activities During My Restdays

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1 month ago

I am always waiting for Saturdays and Sundays because these are my restdays. Restdays at work but as a mother, it will be a forever duty which I never get tired of. After 5 days of work at night, I can sleep normally at night without any pressure. Though we are still working from home, it is still different when you don't have to open your computer, check emails for requests or inquiry and of course, there is no stress.

I can say that 2 days of restdays are too short that is why I treasured it a lot. I always make it a habit to spent it with my son and family.

I spent my time at work with my colleagues but once I am home, my own rule is to "Be at home".

Even before, I am a home buddy person eversince so I just do indoor household activities like cleaning the house and washing the dishes. I am addicted to cleaning our house. Sweeping the floor and wiping the dust in the windows and appliances.

I only get out of the house before if I am going to school. I just spent my weekends before watching tv and listening to the radio after doing household chores.

But now that I am working and a mother, all I do is focused more with my son but still do the household chores. I always look over our store in the afternoon once I slept.

The "me time" during weekends is watching Korean dramas and writing articles here in Read.Cash. Most of the time, while I am out of the blue, I am thinking what to write. Watching K-dramas took most of my time because it has 16 episodes that you can watch. So as the story gets interesting, you will watch more episodes. Per episode is 1 hour. So if I watched 5-7 episodes a day, I spent 5-7 hours a day. But I never did it I can only watched 2-3 episodes and not everyday.

In the afternoon, I will go out to buy what is needed for our sari-sari store. Then in the evening is my busiest hours. Once I fixed the bed, I will wash the dishes, make ice for sale, clean the kitchen and if I have free time, wash the clothes again.

But now, I cannot clean the house properly because we are many in the house. I cannot wipe the dust properly inside. So all I can do is sweep the floor and wipe it with cloth at night.

My weekends seemed boring compared to others.They have their time to stroll but me, I'm just at home. COVID-19 is still here. Though it is now allowed to go outsde with kids, I still don't want to go. I stil have phobia. Not just for me but for my son and family.

Before the pandemic, I make it a point to go to malls during my restdays with my son and my mother. I make sure that I make leisure time for my kids. After all, I will be going back to work after the restdays. So I just need to relax and unwind.

If I have the chance and money, I want to go swimming with my family, stroll in the mall again and go to places with beautiful views. I want to do something positive. I wamt to learn how to play piano and sing a song while playing it. It is one of my biggest dreams in life.

My Final Say

Weekends are the best daye for everyone. Especially now that it is Christmas time. Everyone is at the mall doing their Christmas shopping with the family and friends.

Happy reading everyone!!

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Written by   61
1 month ago
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