Maybe The Job Is Not Meant For Me

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While I was writing this article, I am so sad of what happened.

My former colleague told me that there was a job opening in his work. He just started there few months ago as a team leader and I was happy for him. His long wait for the jobp is over.

He told me to pass my resume in his email address so I did pass it the other day. It was weekend so I did not expect any call just in case. Another former colleague also send her resume to him.

When Monday came, I kept looking at my text messages and email address for an update. I waited until Friday but I have not received any update. Then my friend, asked me If I received any calls from them but I just said none. I asked him if my other colleague has received a call but he said none also. I was relieved a bit.

October 13, 2022

My friend called me again in Messenger if I received an email from their conpany. I always make it a habit to check my email everyday so I am sure that I have not received anything them but just to be sure, I checked it again because I might overlook it.

I was correct. There was no email but when i checked the Spam folder, there was an email from their Talent Acquisition team which was sent 9:45 a.m. It was 5:3o p.m. when he called me.

Email Received

When I checked the email, it says that they will call me tomorrow but with no definite time. Then, there was an application form that I filled in and submitted.

After that, I practiced for the possible questions during interview. The first that popped up in my mind was the question

"Tell me something about yourself"

Then I practiced but just on my own that no one can hear me.

Then, I also tried remembering other questions like "How do you see yourself 5 years from now?"

What are your weaknesses? Strengths?

I admit that I became nervous when I read that I will be scheduled for interview the mext day because after how many years, I will be interviewed again.

The Interview

I woke up as early as 5 in the morning. I know that they will not call that early but I just checked SMS and email again.

Until it was 8 a.m. and time for my son's online class. I told him that if I received a call, he just need to continue studying. He said yes.

I was looking at my cellphone almost everytime. I made sure that the ringtone is on and the volume is high that I can hear it if someone calls or texts.

We even went to my son's school after his online class to pay for his monthly tuition fee but I brought my cellphone even I usually don't bring it when going outside. I just need to make sure that I will answer the call.

Until it was 2 pm but I still have not received a call from them. I am still waiting for a call or even an email from them if the interview might be re-scheduled.

It was 3 pm and I started doing the laundry. I brought my cellphone with me in the kitchen because this is where we wash our clothes.

Until I remember thar I should remind my sister that I put her number as my 2nd contact number. When I was about to call her, she called me in Messenger and told me that she received a call and they were looking for me. She thought that it might be someone from my credit card issue so she didn't calll me right away.

When my sister realized that it was from someone that I applied to, she told the HR interviewer that she will just call me since I am just few house away from her but the phone interviewer told my sister that they will just call back again.

I was really sad but it was my fault that I forgot to remind my sister about the interview. It was on my mind that they can contact me easily on my own number so the alternate number which is my sisters number will not be needed.

Then my friend who referred me to that company called after my sister. He chat first if I received the call. Then I told him that I missed it. I knew he was mad at me for not answerig the call. Our former colleague that she also referred did not also amswered the call.

I was very depressed about what happened. I waited thinking that they will contact mine or my sisters number again. I told them that "maybe that job is not for me".

I was curious why I did not receive a call fron them or a missed call from my own number. That is the first number that they should contact first. I realized that it was due to low or no signal at all because my friend sent a screenshot of call logs coming from HR team. They contacted mine first for 3-4 times but it was "unresponsive" and because of that, they called my sisters number.

My Final Say

Deep inside, I was hurt. I knew it was my fault. I am not sure if they will still call back or not. It was my fault and if they will call back, I will make sure that I wil answer their next call.

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I always believe that if its meant for you, then it is for you. If ever that was not meant for you maybe there is something better for you😊

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1 year ago

I also believe in that. I am still waiting for another chance from them and I will do my best and whatever the result is, I will accept it.

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1 year ago

Keep fighting 💪

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1 year ago