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Know Your Worth

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5 months ago

I am a woman. A mother. A daughter and a friend. I know I have a mission on earth. All of us does. But what is my worth?

Being a woman, we should all be respected. If you want to be respected, learn to respect yourself first.

Being An Employee

I can say that I am a good employee in every company I have worked with. I work as hard as I can. Not just to earn but to help the company grow. I have a good attitude towards my colleagues and superior. In return to that, the company should also treat me fare. Give us the incentives for a job well done and annual increase which other company provides. But the current employee I am working now, cannot provide it. I am 8 years working with them but I only receive one time annual increase and incentives for several times only.

But why am I still working with them? Because I love my job. It is just that I am waiting that there might be a chance for growth.

Being an employee, we should be respected as woman. There should be no harassment and bullying. The level of work is just the same for woman and man but the treatment should be fare enough too.

Being A Mother

We should be a role mother to our family especially to our kids. I can sacrifice everything for my son. It is true when they say that you can give your food to your son even nothing will be left to you. As long as you see you kid eating, it seemed that your stomach is also full.

When someone is sick, you can watch over them even you are too sleepy until they are okay especially if its your kids.

The house is gloomy if there is no mother. We are the life of the family. The father can also do that but they are mostly working outside so they have no time for household chores.

But even I am working, I still need to make time for my kids even I am tired. But just a hug and kiss from my son is worth it from all my hardwork. Seeing my son safe and happy fades away all the tiredness.

Being A Wife/Husband/Partner

Give your wife/husband/partner the love and support that you can give.

In return, they should also give back what we gave them. Not just the material things but also the time and love should be given back to us.

if our family ignores us, it feels worthless even though we are making efforts. If they don't respect us, then we are worthless in the family.

What Is My Real Worth?

Never compare yourself to others. Your only competitor is yourself. Compete with yourself only. Compare what you were before to now. I may fail in some ways before so I should strive better now.

If you compare yourself to other people, it is called envy which can cause hatred to wards other people. You tried reaching what others have reached. If you failed competing with that person, you will lose your self-worth and trust.

Why not compete with our own past? If we are jobless last year, try to apply now or even online. Do an online business. We all have different strengths and weaknesses.

Do what we want to do and what we enjoy most.

Before, I always compare myself to my neighbors or colleagues who are doing better than me. I always saw them buying new appliances and ordering foods online and posting it in Facebook. We do order foods too but unlike them, many in the family were working. They earn more than us.

Unlike with us, only my brother and I are working and mostly, we spent our salary mostly on paying bills.

But what I can see is that maybe, they have their own problems too that I don't know.

My Final Say

Know your worth. It is not bragging but we all have limits. We all got angry if its too much. Find time for ourself.

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Written by   61
5 months ago
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