It Hurts Me More Seeing My Child Sick

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March 23, 2022

We went to the doctor for my son's check-up. His cough and colds are getting worst. He was sick since Sunday but it was only mild that time but we already bought medicine for him.

It turned Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday but he was still not well. So we decided to go the hospital. The hospital was where my older brother was working. Since I don't have health card for my son now, we just went to the Emergency Department where my brother was working which means it is for free and a big help to us.

I was worried with the check-up for my son because the last time we went there was that the doctor wanted him to be confined when he had boils in the upper nose and located near the eyes. The doctor said that it was just okay if it is in other parts of the face but it was dangerous since it is near the eyes. We thought that the doctor will just gave him an ointment. But we just told the doctor to follow the prescription first rather than confinement. Good thing it was healed easily.

But now my son loosed weight because he lost his appetite. Every time he got sick, his body lost weight easily. His face is pale and it also worries me that his eyes turned red in both side of his eyes.

The pediatrician that checked my son gave him antibiotics and other medicines. He was also advised to use nebulizer that might help him loose the phlegm in his body. For his eyes, it still needs monitoring because it might be due to his cold and cough.

After the check-up, we went to his favorite food chain thinking my son would eat. I was also hungry because it was 3 pm but the 3 of us have not eaten my lunch yet. My sister was also with us and my brother also timed out from work but he did not go with us to eat. He headed home.

My Son Is Sick

When we were eating, my son does not want to eat. My mistake was that I let him eat doughnuts which made him cough more. He was not coughing that much we were in the hospital but when he ate the doughnut, it made him cough from time to time. I was looking on his face but he looked so pale. It also made him hard to breathe because of his runny rose.

I was hungry that moment but I also lost my appetite when I was looking at my son. We went home after eating and after a couple of hour, I feed him but he was refusing. My niece forced him to eat even at least for 3 spoons of rice so that he can take antibiotics. Then, we used the nebulizer for him. He has lots of medicines to take but it is for him.

At night, both of us did not sleep well. I understand how hard it was for my son. He was sleepy but he cannot sleep well because he continues to cough and cough. When I asked him on what part of his body is aching, he always said that it was his throat and tummy.

He always wanted to be carried but he was heavy so I was standing carrying him then I will seat afterwards. But I scolded him that it was not right to carry him all the time. It is also hard for me.

But I understand how sick my son was. Even at my age, whenever I have sore throat or even head ache, I want to lie down and cry if I can't take it anymore. Imagine how my son felt more pain because he is too young.

The reason why he always wants to be carried is because he always coughs when he lies down. But when he is carried, he can sleep easily. I can't also move in the house to do the chores because he always wants to be beside me. I like the feeling that he wants to be beside me always but not for the reason of him being sick.

It hurts me more being a mother every time he is sick. If I could only take his pain so that he will not suffer. It was also my fault why he got cough and colds. I always bought him sweets like chocolates and lollipop and cold drinks. I allowed him to play and play outside that his sweat dried up.

We both have sleepless nights because he was sick and was.crying whenever he wakes up from coughing. I felt that it was painful for him when he cough. I cannot help it but cry seeing my son in pain. I missed my mother whenever I cry especially when me or my son is sick. My father and my partner and my siblings are helping me taking care of my son but it is different if my mother is still here.

Mothers Touch

I believe in mothers touch. It is the touch that heals every child. Even I became adult, whenever my mother massage my head when I have headache, it gives me that sudden relief. Even a hug from her matters a lot. That is why, whenever I am sick, I cried a lot because main reason is missing her.

That is why when my son is sick, I make sure that I am always on his side especially when he was a just a baby. A baby cannot speak out what is painful to them so they will just cry and all we have to do is carry them and always be at their side.

My Final Say

My son is getting well though he still has coughs. But he is now better than previous days. We need to force him to eat even he doesn't want at first because he needs to eat before drinkng antibiotics. Hope his cough and colds will be gone so that he can play well.

Every mother is always in pain and in worry when our child/children is/are sick. Though it is a happy feeling to give them what they want, we still need to realize if it is good for our children's health.

We love our children and our family. We always want them to be happy and healthy.

Thank you for reading my article and have a nice day.

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