Getting To Know The Real Me

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"Do not judge a book by its cover."

We can be judge by our physical looks. A person stands out when he/shee is pretty/handsome. Attitude can only be seen if you know the person well.

"First impressions last".

That applies to those who hate us or loved us. If they hate us, no matter how good or bad we are, their impressions on us will not change. Our family will be the only one to love us sincerely.

Me, Myself and I

If there is one person who knew the real me is myself. Eversince I was a kid, I am a very shy person. But I go out and play with my neighbors. I am always outside the house after school. I want to be with my playmates always.

When I turned high school, my life changed. We moved house which is totally different from our old house. I don't have new friends. It's just my cousins whom we knew. I am always inside the house. But I have friends in school. Then we moved to a new house again but this time, it was ours. We no longer rented.

When I turned college, tbat was where I began going out again. Our class was only half day everyday which is why I spent half of my time with my classmates. We are always in the mall because it is almost beside our school.

If we are not in the mall, we.went to my classmates houses. Some lived nearby while others lived in very far places. That is where I also started travelling.

I still remember when I graduated, we have no money that time. I went to the event with my mother and aunt. I was happy that I graduated but when we went home, there was no celebration but I understood it.

When I started working, I already devoted my earnings for my family. I helped my family even from my first salary. I gave some money to my mother. I spent some for myself.

When I moved to a job with better salary, I paid some of the monthly expenses at home like the electricity and groceries. I still made sure that I bought something for myself.

The below are some of my personal traits:

I am a very dependent person. I always depend on others decision. I don't want to take the blame on me if my decision will not be effective.

At home, I always depend to my mother when she was alive. She cooked for us even with simple frying of egg. It may sound so lazy but I don't want the taste of what I cooked. I remember when I fry an egg, it turned out salty and the appearance was not pleasing as the first one that my mother cooked. That is why it was so hard for me and for all of us at home when she was gone.

I hope that I will be independent little by little as time passed by.

I am an introvert. I have friends at work but I only have few. I don't want to interact with many people. I only hang out with the closest people around me. I am a shy person.

I am a home buddy. Even before I was young, I always wanted to stay at home. I just used to go out when I was in college but when I started working, I immediately went home and spent time at home. I am more comfortable watching tv, listening to the radio and even cleaning the house.

I felt comfortable while lying in the living room watching television but I made sure that the dishes and the house were clean.

I am a picky eater. I only eat chicken, pork, fish and beef. The vegetables that I ate are only selective like string beans and some green leafy vegetables.

I am a thin person. I want to gain weight. I want to be chubby eversince. I can eat a lot today but later on, I will eat few. Since I am very picky with food, this is also why I am thin.

I am an advance thinker. This is a negative attitude of mine that I want to get rid of but sometimes I cannot help it. When there was something that happened, I am already thinking what might happen next until negative things comes on my mind.

For example, when I applied on a job online and I haven't received any updates in a day, I am already thinking that maybe I did not passed. Maybe they did not like my answers during interview or they don't like me personally. When in fact, I still have to wait for another day. Then I will get depressed with what I thought. It turned out negatively.

I am a good partner. I gave the love that I can give to my partner. I believe that there should be a constant communication and understanding to one another.

My Final Say

No one can help us succeed but our own self. Our families and friends are always here to give us advises but it is still ourselves who will find a way.

Being yourself around others will make you comfortable with them. We all have flaws and imperfections but someone will accept us for who we are.

Thank you everyone and have a nice day.

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