Financially Unstable But Emotionally Happy Being A Mother

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February 10, 2022 was the last day with the company that I have been for almost 9 years. 9 years with happy, pressured and unexpected moments with different people I worked with.

It's Been 4 Months

But now, I am still unemployed for almost 4 months. It was not my plan at first. I just wanted to rest for 1 to 2 months before applying for another job. I was looking for a work from home set-up only because I need to look after my son. I am looking for jobs through Facebook and other social media platforms and have joined in some groups and kept asking for details. That time, most of us were still working from home.

The government declared that BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) companies should work on site or return working to office last April. Some companies are now 100% working in the office while some companies are still in skeletal system which means going to office once a week or once a month.

Though there are few companies who are still implementing work from home set up, all the jobs posted are mostly office-based. I was very diligent in looking for a job but when I found out that it is now going back to normal, I stopped applying. I don't want the offce-based set-up again. I enjoyed working at home and being a hands-on mother to my son.

It may sound lazy but I am happy and enjoying being at home as of the moment. I remember when I was working from Mondays to Fridays before and I am always looking forward for my 2 rest days. But time seemed fast during those 2 days. I always wanted spending it for my family only. I don't want going out with friends unless there are very special occasions.

When Monday came, I am not excited because I need to work again but eversince I was working from home, I am still happy because I am just at home.

I remember when we were working in the office before the pandemic. I do not have a perfect attendance. It is either I am not feeling well or the weather was bad. Or most of the time, I just don't want to go to work. I am no llonger motivated to work.

I once dreamt of working from home which I never thought would happen. Pandemic was a nightmare to the whole world but if there was one good thing that happened was the experience for most of us to work from home.

Being A Mother

Since I am unemployed, I don't have salary. I am not earning. The money that I am using up to now is the back pay from my previous company. I may not be working but I am still responsible in paying our monthly bills at home. My brother and I shares in our everyday expenses though he shares the bigger part.

But despite those expenses, I still find time to go to the mall to stroll my son. We eat and still buy some affordable things or treats for him. I enjoyed being a full-time mother.

I love going out without worrying what time and where to go because I have no work at night. Unlike before, that when we go out, I need to monitor the time so that I won't be late for work.

After going home, I will just rest and fix some things at home. Unlike before that I have work at night, I need to hurry up and set up my computer before working instead of sleeping.

I know that I need to work but I am still enjoying my full time mom for the meantime.

I am broke right now hut I am happy just looking up at my son. It is my dream to be a full time housewife. But in my case, it is just a dream. My partner is not with us. My wish is to be with him and our son in our house. Wherein my partner is the one working and I will be in-charge with our son and at home.

But in reality, I need to work hard. I now have plans in applying for a job but I haven't started.

My main worry is my son. Who will take charge of him if I won't find a work from home set-up? My father can do it if he is not drunk. Sometimes, I can feel that he does not want to drink but when his friends called him if they wanted to, my father cannot refuse. If he got drunk, he sleep easily and that is my worry on who will take care of my son if he wants to go to the bathroom, if he wants to eat or he wants to sleep.

My son is already 5 years old but he is used to be with me always since I started working from home and same with me, too. I have a separation anxiety that I know it's hard not to be with him if I started working on site. This is also the main reason why I pursue to look for work from home jobs. But right now, I am still looking for jobs but have not applied yet.

I admit that I am happy doing the things that I want everyday just being with my family at home. We still go out if my partner has rest days. I enjoyed watching Netflix during bedtime and drinking coffee before going to sleep. It maybe weird but I can still sleep easily even with coffee.

My Final Say

I will never regret being unemployed for many months because I have my own reason. I want to take care of my son 24/7 while he is still young. I knew that once he got old, he will find more time with his friends and his hobbies.

Let us enjoy our life as long as we could but we should still be responsible for our own actions.

Thank you for reading my articles and have a nice day always.

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