Cooking Instant Ramen This Rainy Season

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Today is not my favorite season. I did not notice the sun and I knew it will rain. The sky was dark in the afternoon unlike the other day that it was sunny and I was able to do my laundry. It rained but only for a few minutes but the sky was still dark.

When it is cold and rainy, it always feels nice to have hot drinks and eat hot soup or noodles to warmth our body. Since I don't know how to cook, the only thing I can do is to cook instant noodles or instant ramen.

Jin Ramen

Koreans are famous for eating noodles and ramen due to their cold weather. This makes their body comfortable and in heat.

In the Philippines, even we don't have the winter season, we still love eating hot soup or noodles during rainy season because this is also a cold season for us.

Are you familiar with Jin Ramen?

I like the red one which is the spiciest. I found out about this noodles when my niece bought it when we were together in a grocery. She introduced to me the Jin Ramen for only 50 pesos per piece but you can save money if you purchased a 5 piece pack.

Jin Ramen has different flavors which indicates different colors. It is bigger than the usual instant noodles is good for 3-4 person. When my niece bought it, she cooked it.and give us a bowl of noodles. best to eat while its hot. It is very spicy and very tasty. You can also served with eggs and other toppings that you want.

But if you are not a fan of spicy foods, you should try the other flavor which is mild spicy only. It is 5 times the price of the regular instant noodles in the Philippines but it has bigger size and taste is perfect.

I always tell my family that I don't trust myself in cooking. I love judging someones cook but I don't know how to cook.

At first, I asked my niece to cook the instant ramen. We don't have food for dinner that time so I planned on cooking it with fried eggs. I told my niece to add more water because the last time it was cooked, the soup was only absorbed by the noodles. It looked like pansit canton.

So when she cooked it, I did not notice that the water was too much. When we eat it, the taste became bland because of too much water.p

When we cooked it again, it was my nephew who cooked the ramen. I enjoyed it so much because the water is enough. Not bland and not salty. It was very spicy but we ate it with rice.

There is also alternate for Jin Ramen. This is much spicier but Jin Ramen is tastier. They also have the same price.

During rainy season, my father cooked "sopas". This is cooked with pasta and milk and with vegetables and meat.

If we don't have instant ramen at home, we will just cook instant noodles or cup noodles which is very cheap but still delicious.

You can also make hot coffee or hot chocolate. I will just get a bread with cheese filling and dip in hot coffee or hot chocolate while watching Netflix.

My Final Say

Nowadays, we cannot predict the weather. In the morning it might not rain but in the evening, it will. We just need to monitor our daily weather and try to enjoy it.

Thank you very much and have a nice day.

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