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Being Vaccinated For The First Dose

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3 months ago

Before, I don't want to get vaccinated because of the rumours in the social media that the life span of a vaccinated person is only until 2 years. I don't want to die. That was on my mind.

The Vaccines

Vaccines was also declared to be mandatory only but since there was a great increase of corona virus infections, it almost became mandatory to all Filipinos.

It can be Sinovac, Astra-Zeneca, Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson. They say that the last 3 were the most effective vaccines because it is made from USA.

The government gave privileges to those vaccinated like having discounts in restaurants and fastfood chains. If not, there will be establishments that will not allow you to enter their premises in the future.

I have my QR code since I registered to a website that will give you the code and a scheduled date for vaccination. But due to multiple registrations everyday, there were no available schedules for all. Some will be given the schedule but for some, you need to wait for the text message for the schedule including me.

But it was not easy even you have the schedule. Once you are in the area, you have to wait. Some were there early in the morning to wait for their queue. Priority are the senior citizens. They should be vaccinated first because they are more prone to Corona virus. Once the senior citizens were all vaccinated, the remaining vaccines will be allotted to non-senior citizens. We also have a lot of neighbors who were coming back and forth for a chance to be vaccinated. Some waited for nothing.

My nephew received a confirmation of schedule for vaccination. It was Monday so he needs to file a leave without pay. But that day was wasted because he was not vaccinated. There were may people waiting and supplies were consumed for the day. I thought that having a schedule was an assurance. It was not. You have to be patient and determined.

We Were Given Stubs for Vaccination

I am just waiting for weeks or months to pass until I can finally have the chance for the vaccination. I just thought that once all the senior citizens are done, then it will be easier for all of us.

My father, sister and my eldesr brother were fully vaccinated It was just me and my younger brother who are not vaccinated yet.

Fortunately, God made a way. The mother-in-law of my cousin who is working in the barangay has 10 stubs and chose us so that we can be vaccinated easily because once you have the stub, you will already be seated in line and you will be prioritized. My nephew, me and my brother were included from that 10 stubs

The next morning, we were given stubs and we're seated. There were still walk-ins trying again if they will be vaccinated. Thr process was fast. When we entered the court where the process was held, there were many people who assisted us so we were vaccinated after an hour. It was sinovac. You cannot choose the vaccines you want so we have no choice because we were there already and it was a chance. We will come back affer a month for the second dose.

We were really thankful to the mother-in-law of my cousin because if not to her, we will still be waiting for that chance.

The Feeling of Getting Vaccinated

When I was almost there, I got nervous. I heard the person seated beside me advising not to get scared. Then it hitted me. My heart was pounding with fear as I get closer to the vaccination area.

When it was my turn, I just closed my eyes but I really feel the paon from that second. Then our blood pressure was checked after.


When we went home, I was scared to feel any symptoms. Some said that you might get sick. I only drink paracetamol just to be sure not to get sick. I feel a slight pain in my arm but it was gone after. Even my nephew and my brother did not experience any sickness.

After vaccination, we took a picture showing we are vaccinated.

My Final Say

It is a persons right if they want or does not want to get vaccinated. We have our own reasons and mostly, people were scared of it.

My niece was the only one in the family who does not want to get vaccinated. Even her parents forced her to do it, it feels she was decided not to get the vaccines. Even she was scolded many times, she still insists that she doesn't want to be vaccinated. We don't know the reason why.

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Written by   56
3 months ago
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With due respect for the people who are responsible for these vaccines that can save people from the virus, but in my personal and honest opinion, I am not so confident to be vaccinated myself due to some reasons: (1) Some said that most vaccines are normally examined carefully for 5 years or more. (2) I am not sure that my body could contain the change made by the dose. But if it is truly needed in the future that everybody should be vaccinated, I won't close my doors for that possibility. Because I also believed that our medical practitioners are only after for our health and safety.

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3 months ago