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A Beautiful Escape

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Written by   26
3 weeks ago

Have you planned of a summer getaway with family or friends?

Do you want to go swimming or hiking or a simple stroll with them?

Or a team building with your colleagues?

Pandemic is still here but once we are allowed to travel, its time to escape from the crowded and stressful environment, for a while. Have a vacation.

I have mentioned from my previous article that I don't travel a lot but I always treasure those few places I visited. Maybe few but they are fun and unforgettable.

Most of us have travelled a lot within and outside the country. So maybe some might have visited this place that I will be sharing

But if you haven't, write it in your bucket list if you have plans on out of town swimming.

It all started when my team leader planned on a team building for the 2nd time around. I did not joined the 1st one due to personal reason, so as promised, I need to join to the next one. It was a 2 day and 1 night trip. After our night shift, at around 7am, we left and travel from Cavite to Zambales. It was I think a 5-6 hours travel including traffic.

We ate while travelling. We brought breads for breakfast. I was not sleepy so I have seen all the places that we passed by.

When we reach the place, we were all amazed by the view.

This is the "Serenity Seascape Village" in Cabangan, Zambales, Philippines.

It's a very secluded place but with a views of mountains and seas. The place is very peaceful since its isolated but there's a lot of things to do aside from swimming in this beautiful sea. The water is clear and the sand is fine.

When you reach the place, you will notice the "Beachfront Kubos" that can accommodate many guests. This is where we stay. It is not the usual "Bahay-kubo" which is made in nipa hut with single floor. This has 2 floors.

The main floor has 4 double beds. Two double decks. One at the right and the other at the left. Then on the 2nd floor, it has 6 single beds. A wooden stair in the middle is used to reach the 2nd floor.

The best view is the living area in the 2nd floor because it is open and you can view the whole sea. Very calming and solemn.

The comfort room is like an igloo. Small but unique. This is my first time to see this type but it's safe and clean.

There were only few "kubos" built by the owner for now to have a very serene place.

We arrived in a very hot afternoon. So we stayed inside and prepared for our late lunch. After eating, we rested for an hour and then we changed outfit to swim even we were sleepless that time.

There were also lifeguards around in case of emergency. We also played volleyball. Most of us, don't know how to play it including me. I thought its just jumping and hitting the ball with your hands but its not. It also requires strength and alertness.

Swimming is allowed until 6pm only so we just played and enjoy the beautiful view. You can see the beautiful sunset.

There were only few people when we were there. It seems you own the place. You can do whatever you want unless swimming late at night.

This is a nice place to bond with your friends, family or colleagues. It's not crowded so you can focus with each other, have a good conversation while drinking and eating.

Then we prepare for dinner. We grilled hotdogs and pork.

But after that, it seems lonely that night.

Maybe because we have nothing to do. But it was so cold because we're infront of the sea. Some of us were drinking wines while others went to bed including me. You can feel the cool breeze and you can hear the waves of the sea.

In the middle of the night, our team leader woke us up to have a bonfire. We have marshmallow on stick to put on fire while talking to each other. After that, we all slept.

It's hard for me to sleep that time. I missed my son. Even while travelling, I'm already worried about him though my parents were taking care of him. I think I just slept 4 hours then we all woke up early. We ate our breakfast. Then some of them swim again. I prefer to just walk around and see the view in a very bright morning. I realized its hard to live in an isolated place like that. Yes its quiet but I do missed the noise from the city. I do missed a lot of people.

We also ate for lunch and we left at 2pm.

It was 2pm when we travel back home. There was no traffic at that time. I was home at 7pm.

If given the chance to travel again here, I want to be with so that I will not worry about them. So that we will all enjoy. Its just my personality. But its an experience for me. To bond with my team mates and to discover each others personality. Indeed, it was a beautiful escape. Escape from the crowded and stressful environmemt.

Hope you all enjoy this article. Thank you all including my sponsor CryptoMax

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Avatar for Shyness
Written by   26
3 weeks ago
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I would love to! But sadly, we are in lock down again and the protocols got more strict that going out of town and gatherings are not allowed. Hopefully I'll get a vacation again soon.

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3 weeks ago

Yes we just need to wait until its ok to go out.

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3 weeks ago

That’s so beautiful. Wanna go there too in the future, hoping that this pandemic will end soon. Thank you for sharing your travel :)

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3 weeks ago