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1 year ago
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I'm Luna, 20 years old and I live on a small island in Asia, the Philippines.

There are three reasons why I'm here: First, this website was first introduced to me by my friend. He shared with me the good quality of using this website and what the benefits are. At first, I'm hesitant to trust this website because I've been exposed to many kinds of websites, especially those that give points and you can convert them to real cash.

But I support him by liking and subscribing to his channel. And after a week of convincing me to write, I'm here now writing.

Second, this website can help me to share the thoughts that have been stuck inside my mind for decades. This can help me improve my writing skills, which can help me in my future profession. Although there are instances when I'm reluctant to write about the things that bother me, still I'm persistent in write.

Since I was a kid, like 10 or 9 years old, I've been reading random stories that I see on 4shared. It's a website where you can download different kinds of stories, and we call it an "ebook" (for the old-fashioned readers out there, you know what I mean). Because I'm a reader, there are instances when I imagine myself as a writer. And this could be my first step to achieving my dream.

I'm not literally good at English grammar and my vocabulary is not broad, but this is my stepping stone to being good and improving my grammar and vocabulary.

I also believe that, if you want to grow, start digging and planting so all the hard work will pays. Patiently waiting, blessings doesn't start at doing nothing.

And last, this can help me, my family, and my studies. I'm in college right now. There are things that I need for my studies, but I can't buy them. I need to work hard to buy the things i need for my studies.

I hope that this path I choose and the journey I start will help me grow and be more confident in myself. I'm hoping that you guys, who're reading my article right now, will help me succeed on this journey.

Because my journey will not start if your support is not added. Again, I'm Luna, your secret, shy, and introverted writer. And stay tuned for my future articles.

Thank you and have a good day!

The photo I used is not mine. Credit to the rightful owner of the photo (source: Pinterest)

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1 year ago
Topics: Blog, Story, Writing, Experiences, Write, ...