The Man

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2 years ago

Is it really possible to forget the person with whom you have or would have been in contact for 4-5 hours in twenty four hours?

Is it really possible to forget the man whose voice would start the day, the man whose voice would end the day?

He hurriedly said one day that it is not possible for me to talk to you like before, it is not possible to keep in touch. Maybe he will talk like a friend sometimes, then he wondered what will happen to the man?

Qualification does not make love. But why lose love for merit? Before making love, before saying love, don't think about whether she is worthy of you. But in the end why remove him for qualification?

People in love can be made worthy, if you are really in love.

If you can't stand next to the man of love. If you can't say or hear love all your life. But don't ruin someone's life by showing them a dream of love for a moment.

Remember he may not curse you. But as hard as it is to take a deep breath and let it sigh, it is enough to destroy you.

You may not know how you feel when you ask a question.

You can understand how much he weighs today or tomorrow by letting out a big sigh to tell the lie that the man is fine.

You will not get love with merit, you need trust and confidence for love. The man who will trust you day after day, you will never be happy by cheating on him.

Days go by, months go by, maybe years go by and one day you also have to resort to lies to say that you are well.

The person who slept comfortably for 7-8 hours after contacting you for 4-5 hours. That man is now fighting the whole world with himself for those 7-8 hours to survive. For a little sleep to take a little breath. You don't have to curse that man. Her tears will be a curse in your life today or tomorrow.

You can play love as a toy, you can break the mind, and you can't take its curse.

Remember that you will get the same results as you do.

So before saying I love someone

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2 years ago