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Pasakalye Brief History

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Pasakalye is a Pinoy rock variety band which is formed in 2010, with members Rommel Cabral on guitar, BJ Cardiño on bass guitar and vocals, who are the founding members of the band, along with them are, Pamela Landangan on vocals, Billy Del Rosario on Keyboards and Vocals, And Ipe Alegre on Drums and Vocals. The band was then focuses on writing and making their own original songs which they called neo pop rock. Then Billy and Ipe left the group for some confidential and personal reasons.

They have recorded some of their original songs but never releases atleast one of it. Pamela then left the group and they disbanded due to some reasons. But, only the two founding members namely Rommel and Bj is eager to save the band to pursuit its goal. As they form a new group which then a singer from the no. 1 Philippine Noontime Variety show Eat Bulaga's singer, Shan dela Vega joins them on vocals and Chok David on drums and vocals, but their mostly focuses on cover songs and have a nightly gig on different bars in the Laguna and Manila area and they rename their group which was suggested by Chok, he is also the founder of the band, In The Box, a Filipino Variety RNB band. And their chemistry gives birth to Switch Band, because they are switching instruments, which make them unique from the others and also amaze the crowd of audiences.

Then, the band changes member again, Erica Bautista on Vocals and Richard Sulla on beatbox and vocals came into the band. And a few years past, Erica left the group, Joyce Ann Remolin, Larah Lee, and Chriseil Ladra became vocalists of the band too. Then Switch band was rename again to Pasakalye.

The present members are Rommel Cabral, BJ Cardiño, Garlan Paulo Guia on Drums, percussions, and vocals and Lavyrynth V. Perez on vocals, and they are playing in Ilocos Norte's finest fivestar hotel, the Fort Ilocandia Resort and Hotel. In which they play variety of music ranging from the classic hits of the past, music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and the present era.

They have variety of songs in their repertoire, like, jazz, we, pop, rock, reggae, etc, they even have chinese and korean songs, and especially OPM songs, and that is the Pasakalye band.

Pasakalye Band is composed of talented individuals/artists of both legal ages.

Rommel Cortez Cabral, a resident of Los Baños, Laguna. Legal age of 37 years old, born on 5th of September on year 1979, is the lead guitarist of the band, he also sings, he plays guitar very well, his influences are Eric Clapton, Slash, and Marty Friedman, etc. He also plays bass guitar. He plays in certain bars in the Philippines.

Benedict Joseph Palis Cardiño, a resident of Los Baños, Laguna. Legal age of 34 years old, born on 15th of June on year 1983, is the male lead vocalist of the the band, with a very powerful voice range, his influence on vocals is John Waites, and his influence on bass is Nathan East. He is the bassist of the band,too, he also plays guitar very well. He played in some bars in the Philippines, he also had traveled China.

Garlan Paulo Guia, a resident of San Pablo, Laguna. Legal age of 29 years old, born on 15th of January on year 1989, is the drummer and percussionist of the band. He also sings. He starts to play drums at school for cheering at the age of 13 years old and his influences on playing drums is Mike Porkaro.

Lavyrynth V. Perez, a resident of Liliw Laguna. Legal age of 25 years old, born on 19th of March on year 1992, is the vocalist of the band. She starts to sing at early age of 15 and starts to be in a band at 18 years old, plays in certain bars in the Philippines, and she had travel abroad in places in the middle east like Bahrain and Dubai. Her singing influence is Whitney Houston.

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