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What is professional secrecy? Write down some legal point of profession.

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Professional secrecy :

It is an implied term of contract Between the doctor and his patients. The doctor is obliged to keep secret all that he comes to know concerning the patients in the course of his professional work.

Ligal point :

i. A doctor should not discuss the illness of his patient with others without the consent of the patient.

ii. If the patient is a major, the doctor should not disclose any facts about the illness without this consent to patient or relatives even though they many ve paying the doctor fees.

iii. Even the case of husband and wife, the fact relating to the nature of illness of the one must not be disclosed to the others without the consent of the person concerned.

iv. In divorce and nality cases, no information should be given without getting the consent of the person concerned.

v. Any information regarding a deed person may be given only after obtaining the consent from the nearest relative.

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Doctors and patient.

This is the doctors to see her patient to give the consent. The doctors see the patient to open mought and see tank.

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9 months ago
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