Wake up at night

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2 years ago
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Hi friends! This evening I made coffee and ate together with the whole family. Then I sat down with the book for the purpose of reading.

After studying for some time, I left the book. Then I had a little chat with everyone in the family. I did a lot of laughter and mischief with everyone.

Then I watched a little TV. Then I went to bed for the purpose of sleeping. But I could not sleep at all. I couldn't sleep even after trying a lot. In the meantime I could guess I got hungry. Then at 2:30 I got out of bed and went to the dining room for something to eat. Then I took food out of the fridge and ate it. Then I made coffee and ate it.

Then I went to bed again. But I can't sleep at all. It is now 3:24 pm here. It's almost morning. I will not sleep today. Worrying too much because if I don't sleep my body will get worse.

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