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I am a nursing student. Today I will have a short discussion with you about skeletons. The human body is made up of bones and muscles. Bones are needed to keep muscles relaxed. Muscles have an intimate relationship with bones. Muscles can attach to bones because there are bones.

Human body consists of 206 bones. Human skeleton is divided into two parts. One is axial and the second is appendicular.

  • Axial first.

    Axial bones are 80. Among them are skulls. The skull is again divided into two parts. Cranium and facial. Cranium bones are 8 and facial bones are 14.

Then_ Hyoid 1bone. Auditory ossicles 6 bones. Then vertebral column 26. The thorax can again be divided into two parts. Sternum and Ribs. Sternum 1bone. Ribs 24 bones.

  • Second Appendicular

Appendicular bones total 126.

At first pectoral girdles

Clavicle 2bones and Scapula 2 bones.

Upper limbs

Humerus 2bones. Ulna 2bones. Radius 2bones. Carpal 16 bones. Metacarpal 10bones. Phalanges 28bones.

Pelvic girdle

Hip or pelvic bone 2.

Lower limbs

Femur 2bones. Patella 2bones. Fibula 2 bones. Tibia 2 bones. Tarsals 14 bones. Metatarsal 10 bones. Phalanges 28.

That means axial bone 80 and appendicular bone 126. Totally human bones 206.

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