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Favorite Snack Since Childhood Days

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7 months ago

This snack is a kind of street Food. Yesterday after such a long time I had this snacks in the evening and recall some childhood memories with this food.

We call it 'puri' some people call it 'Dal puri' its made of flour and dal (pulse), this is a kind of crispy and spicy snack by taste. Its fried in soybean oil. I captured some photos when it was frying inside the pan, I'm going to attach them with this blog.

The snack close shot by me

Yesterday I brought hot puri snacks from the local food shop, it was near to my residence and often buy it as evening meal. This is my favorite since my childhood when I was just a toddler.

My parents often discussed my toddler days and they let me know that whenever we've visited our grandparents, my grandfather (mother's father) took me too a tea stall where this dal puri snacks served and I could said in my jumble word that I want to eat the puri and my grand parents loved to hear my voice as I was a toddler. They gossip about my fondness to this food.

Snacks inside the frying pan

When I was in school often brought this and ate this, mostly my family served it too me because I hardly was allowed to purchase food from outside as homemade foods were my tiffin in school days. So my parents and sibling (sister) often brought this for all family members.

This snack was a family snack for us. But now it just a memory as I'm away from home, lost parents and sometimes try to recall sweet memories with family by eating this snack.

Thanks for reading!!!

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Written by   123
7 months ago
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