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Cryptocurrency is colorful and playful, it is mysterious too. Today's rich tomorrow's beggar, today's beggar can be tomorrow's rich and it can change life of anyone. I was not completely overcome from the shock of account hack worth $200 this July and can't yet recover, at that time get another shock and become victim of losing $2000.

At the beginning of this year I had another scam issue and it was $150 and I've lost the earning of more than a year. My honest efforts, hard work, regular labour wasted. Crypto is certainly a life changing asset and it can do anything to anyone.

I lost around $2350 this year and how long time I need to recover it, I'm not sure about that. It can't be possible over a night because I'm not a scammer and hacker, I've no interest to cursed money that wet with the tears of someone. My most of the crypto asset is the result of my content creating, it took time and my blood and sweat is also in it, definitely my money will be cursed for the people who grabbed it by cheating me and played with my emotions.

Twitter is full of scammers and they target innocent NFT sellers and grab the money they earn. Once I was smart to trace a scam and that time I was blessed to overcome the trap but this time I become fool when I could understand the scam very easily. The email was a fake one but it was a bad time when my mind stopped working and I fall into the trap and greed. I was completely distracted and lost my mind, it felt like a black magic made me blind.

Yesterday I knock a scammer too for helping me to recover the lost ETH and I just wanted to see how scammer plan to cheat me. He told me how he will bring my stolen ETH from the account of scammer that transferred to main wallet of scammer. They find me a fool so they are ready to make me fool again. My tweet was flooded with the mentions and suggestions of scammer who can bring back my money and they going to charge me money to scam me once again.

What a colorful world is Twitter, I saw scammers with verified blue tick there and grabbed my money with proud. Once a guy holding Twitter verified account told me he will bring sell to my NFT and assure me 100% sell for $10 and after payment he told me he promoted my NFT but no one buying it that's not his business but he took the money saying he can sell my NFT with 100% guarantee. One more scam I had but it was not a big sum of money fortunately.

I'm writing on this issue because I'm not yet overcome the shock and I'm trying almost everything to forget the scam I had and lost earning of a year. I wonder if this scammer has any family like parents and kids, all people eating cursed money that earned by scamming people who worked hard to earn it. Does Almighty have no punishment for them? I want Justice to Almighty and I'm a believer. I want punishment of all scammers and I want their life become more than a hell and after life they stay in the hell permanently.

The color of crypto may never discolor my life in the future and I'll try my best to recover my lost asset by working hard and investing money on trading. It will take time but I'll overcome the loss sooner or later but the curse to the scammers will never end. I want no one suffer from such scam and stay safe. I lost trust on NFT and marketplaces and I'll produce contents to make crypto.

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Crypto scams are heart-wrenching; trust is fragile. Stay vigilant, and may you recover stronger and wiser. Let's hope justice prevails for these scammers in this colorful crypto world.

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