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What will happen in the result of my SSC board exam🥺🥺🥺

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4 months ago

Hi friends, hopefully you all are passing a memorable and fantastic Christmas so far .Before start of this article I want all of you to take my sincere 💕 love and well wishes.

Today is December 26,2021

I don't know how much pressure you guys have faced before your exam result.But for me,this is like someone is playing with my mind all the time.

Sometimes I am feeling that I will get good marks and sometimes I am feeling goosebumps cause its giving me anxiety.Will I get good marks and A+ for admission in a good college..?This question was spinning in my head after my exam was finished November 23.

So in the previous month,my Senior school certificate (SSC)exam was happened after 3years cause of the effects of COVID-19.Though I have given all my exams quite well.

Here I work for a part time job in the afternoon

All of my friends and cousins are very intelligent student.Even I also got good result in my previous board exams.I have gotten scholarship in both my JSC and PSC exams.But this time I am feeling little bit tensed as my physics exam wasn't so much good.I gave 3incorrect answer in the McQ section which covered 30marks out of 100.

The most important thing is that the result will publish in December 28,2021 after 2 days of this.I don't why my mind is just giving me negative thoughts like what will happen when only my result gonna be bad except everyone.

How will I face the situation if I won't get plus in the exam.But its not the matter.We have to face every circumstances even it is good or bad.But I have worked so hard for this exam.

I prepared myself for this exam since 3 years ago.I studied very deep in every subjects.

So at last I want all of you to pray for me so that I may get good marks and result in the exams.Because I know prayer can change everything.I want to get admitted in a reputed college from my childhood which named is Natodram Government college.

The condition to get admission in this college is you have to gain 90%marks in all your exams.So I am very nervous and tensed.Hppefully everyone well wishes and prayers will make my result good even though my physics test wasn't good.

This is for today.I don't know how you like this article today.I hope that you guys can give me some advice how to keep himself relax before result as I didn't sleep for 2days.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have something interesting,informative and entertaining to say....bye bye

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Written by   103
4 months ago
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You will get good marks and results for that exam. Just relax and think positively. 😊

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4 months ago

Thank you so much sis for giving me encouragement...and I also hope so my result will turn out well

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4 months ago

I think you are just anxious for nothing.. It won't change anything.. Just forget about it, if it will turn out well, it will turn out well. Worrying won't change anything

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4 months ago

Yeah that's right...but even then their is anxiety you know

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4 months ago