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What greater gift than the love of a cat

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4 months ago

Hi friends,

Hopefully everyone are passing the day fantasticly and appropriately.So I want to take all of you my sincere love and well wishes.

Today is December 25,2021.

I am very tensed cause after 4days my result of secondary school certificate (SSC)will publish in 30th December.Though I have given all exams quite well.But after all as a student I am feeling a little but nervous.I want all of you to pray for me so that I may get good marks in the exam result .

Today I will discuss the love,care, respect between me and my pets.You will inspire for buying a cat if you read this short article till last.

This is my first pet and she is a beautiful girl pet.Her name is Adhora.I took her almost 5years ago from a busy streets.When I first saw her,I feel like that I had a deep relation with this cat.

Then I decided to take care of this cat and took her in my home.So far now,she is 5years of old.Her main food is rice and fish.But sometimes she took biscuit's,fruits and ants.She always keep herself aware for me.When I returned from my school,she is the first who welcome me cordially in the house.

She listen everything what I ordered her to do.She is very polite as well.If I say to her to stand she stands up and when I say to sit down she sits.She love me more than my friends and family I think.If one-day I don't take my food timely and she notices that,then she won't stop screaming.She forces me everytime to take my breakfast timely in the morning.

A pet cat is very curious,crazy,playful yet,lazy and fat and sleepy.If you have a cat then you should know,a pet can be loving,sweet and kind yet feisty and sassy and crazy.

I have two pet cats one I have described above is my favourite whose name is Adhora.She and I have a realtionship from our hearts.I love her so so much and miss her everytime when I stay for long in outsides.

It doesn't mean that I don't love my second pet cat.I also love her and she also love me very deeply.But the fact is that I wanted a boy cat but Adhora gave birth to two girl cats.So I started to take care of those two cats from 3years ago.One had died in cold 2years back which gave me a deep pain.

So I began to take care of the other one very smoothly and deeply.She is not so white as Adhora though she is her daughter.Her name is Shohanir which I take from my name.

So Shohani has a lot of bad habits.She is like 3years of age.She also gave birth too many cats.Many people take kittens from my house.Among 24hours of day she sleeps almost 15hours everyday.She always try to steal fish from our neighbours houses.She used to eat fish and meat and she don't like to eat cheap foods.

The only reason why take good care of her is my sister.Becasue she and my sister love one another so much and had a deep relationship.My sister love her so much that she take the pet everytime when she go outside.She also love me but don't listen what I say to her.

But she is so sweet when she is in sleep.She forgets everything when she goes to sleep like you are seeing in the picture.But overall we love each other.

I recommend everyone to take care of a cat as they will understand your feelings,your thoughts and desires.You will forget your pain when you stay with your pet cat.

According to Josh billings,A pet dog and cats is the only thing on earth loves you more than you love yourself.Dont try to buy nice and beautiful cats because money can buy you a fine dog,but it won't love you fine if you don't show your love,care and protectness to them.Even they will give you proper respect as you are the owner of your pet cats.

This is for today.Hopefully you all like my both cats and our relationship.Thank you so much for reading the entire article.

If you have any questions and answers about this topic feel free to leave a comment below.....bye bye

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Written by   103
4 months ago
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