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I am a child but I also have two childs

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4 months ago

Hello my friends,

Hopefully you guys are passing some lovely and fantastic time.At first I want to take all of you my sincere love and well wishes as I love this platforms people so much.

You guys may thinking that how I have two childs in this age.But I don't have human childs.I have my two pet cats who love more than anyone else I think.

I am writing this article sitting in a hotel where I work as a part time job.So I won't write too much today.....!!

Among my two pets,one of them is very close to me.I have a relationship with her from deep of my heart's.Both of my pet cats are girls.

The first one name is Adhora.She is almost 5years of old.I took her from a streets when she was suffering from fever and cough.After taking her into my house,I did her treatment.Slowly slowly she recovered from her injuries and made deep relation with my whole family.

When I return from my school or from outside,she is the first one who cordially welcome me into home.She is very polite.She listens everything what I say to her.Her main food is rice and fish.She loves to eat meat and biscuits as well.

She looks like an angel when she goes to sleep.And the important thing is that she sleeps for almost 15hours per day🥺🥺🥺.Except this she don't have any bad habits though.She likes to stay for long time with me.

She shows very nice behavior to other people when someone come to our house as guests or my friends.

The other one also very polite but have some bad habits.I gave her name Shohanir taking from my name.The matter is she is the daughter of Adhora.She was born in 2018and she is now 3 years of age .

She is also beautiful like Adhora but she don't want to stay at home.She always try to stay with my little sister.And they have a close relation between them.I am not saying that she is rude but she tries to steal food from our neighbours house every time she goes their.

For that reason I had to face many problems till now.But she loves my sister and mother a lot.She always take care of my sister.

Her main food is meat and fish.She likes to eat junk foods like ice-cream and cake as well.

Every friends of mine say that those two pets are my children cause they always stay with me when they opportunity in outside or indoor.Even I agreed with these and try to keep them as happy as I can.

At last I want to say that may be a pet cats are crazy,sleepy.But they are trustworthy.They will love you more than you love yourself.They won't betray you.Never try to buy expensive pets cause you can get a nice pet by money but you can't get the love and care and protectness with money.

So try to take care of a pet who seems to love you and your family.

This is all for today... hopefully you all like my two childs and this article.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have anything to say about my pets...thank you so much for reading till now...bye bye

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Written by   102
4 months ago
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Wonderful, beautiful cat, I love cats very much, they are funny and cute

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4 months ago

Thank you so much for appreciating my cats friend❤️❤️

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4 months ago