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Financial support for my best friend

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4 months ago

Hi friends,take my sincere love and well wishes for everyone....hope you all are having an awesome day.I have been writing articles for almost 7months but I never asked for financial help before though I don't want to take money from others without anything.

Now it's seem occoared asking for financial support without knowing each other.In some of my previous article I have discussed about my family, friends,my goals and achievement so far.

I said many times that I have come from a very poor family background.I am only 18years old so far so I don't have a lot of income source.....but I am trying a lot to improve my condition.The reason why I am writing this short article today because I want all of you to stand beside my friend crisis.

The picture you are showing above is my friends bother....or I can say my bother as well.His name is Asfak Mortaza.So what exactly happened let me explain you....

My friend name is Anik Roy.He has one junior brother who is in class 2now...whom you are seeing in the picture.They don't have friend Anik himself take care of him and his brother financially and mentally by working in hotel as a waiter.

Both of them are very good in study.I with my friends always try to help them whenever we get a chance with our limit.

We all have a close realtion with his little brother.Never thought that I don't have little brother for him.Today after woke up from bed,I finished my brush and breakfast and started to go for my college.Then suddenly I received a phone call from my friend Anik.

He said that his brother was playing in a bridge near the house and out of nowhere he fell down from the bridge.

The bridge

And he started to cry as his brother break his hand and both of his legs.I tried to give him encouragement but the fact is he don't have any money as he don't have parents and relatives.I had $79worth of dollars in my coinbase account and I gave it to him for checkup.

Not only me,my all friends try to help him with something but in the hospital the doctor said with everything for treatment,there is need of almost $1000.

So he was a little bit upset for money but we said him that we will manage the money as soon as possible.His brother is in deep sleep now in a government hospital....but in that hospital the doctor are so lazy because they don't try to treat people good.

We asked for help in every sectors like in our college, families,in society buy not so people are coming forward to help us.But we won't stop because it is our responsibility to help each other when they are in crisis.I don't want to write more because I dont have too many times as I need to go to the hospital for taking good care of my brother.

I am not forcing anyone here to help them but if anyone has some kind on themselves,I request you to stand up besides my friends brother and keep your prayers for him as it is most important.

So at last thank you for reading...I request all of you to pray for our brother so that he could recover very soon from his injuries.

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Written by   102
4 months ago
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