Tiim Protocol Airdrop

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3 years ago

Hey guys if you were interested on these type of Airdrops than you could join these airdrop.

Well TIIM TOKEN Will really soon listed on TOMODEX

So grab these kind of oppurtunity

TOTAL POOL: 23700$ worth of TIIM TOKENs + 88 TIIM signup bonus + Daily spin "Lucky Wheel".

1.Go here: https://link.triip.me/uwWh8fhCm6

Click on " Get App" and download TRIIP app

So This is the good oppurtunity if you really want to earn from a airdrop campaign than join these type of campaign you will definetly get benefited from these kind of campaign

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Good information! It is a new source of income, but who knows their sincerity. It will be given a shot.

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3 years ago