Stolen hearse with body inside recovered after police chase thief down Los Angeles freeway

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Of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make one good one and bring back the deceased person and casket inside the Navigator,’ LA County Sheriff’s Department tweets.

hearse that was stolen with a body still inside it has been recovered following a dramatic police chase that ended in a car crash on a Los Angeles freeway.

The black Lincoln Navigator was stolen from St Anthony’s Greek Orthodox Church in East Pasadena, prompting authorities to issue a plea to the thief to return the body.

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“Out of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make one good one & bring back the deceased person & casket inside the Navigator” LA County Sheriff's Department posted on twitter.

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Following a tip from a witness, who reported seeing the SUV on Thursday morning, Los Angeles police officers pursued the hearse on local streets and then on to the 110 freeway until it crashed around 7.45am.

Police were then able to recover the vehicle and the body was found in the back of the hearse, still in the casket and undisturbed.

Video footage from news helicopters has shown heavy front damage to the SUV, while at least one police officer was involved in the crash.

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However, authorities have said no-one was seriously injured.

Authorities said a male was taken into custody following the collision, but it was not immediately clear if this was the same person who had stolen the hearse.

The 110 Freeway was closed during morning rush hour as a result of the chase.

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Los Angeles station KABC reported the body was not associated with the service, but remained in the vehicle while a mortuary attendant brought a different body into the church and that's when the vehicle was stolen.

Details of the mortuary have not been released.

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