Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters

Find out everything there is to know about natural disasters and stay updated on the latest weather news with the comprehensive articles, interactive features and natural disaster pictures at LiveScience. Learn more about devastation caused by weather as scientists continue to make amazing discoveries about natural disasters.


Steaming river of black sludge floods through Arizona

By Rafi Letzter July 20, 2020

After the Bighorn Fire burned a large area near Pima County, Arizona, a river of dark sludge rushed toward town.

A Violent Tornado Hit Dallas Last Night, Throwing Debris 3 Miles High

By Brandon Specktor October 21, 2019

A destructive tornado hit northern Dallas on Sunday, Oct. 20, causing widespread power outages and significant property damage.

How Strong Can a Hurricane Get?

By Live Science Staff September 01, 2019

The Saffir-Simpson hurricane only goes up to Category 5. But in theory, winds from a powerful hurricane could blow the scale out of the water, scientists say.


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Epic 'Terminator' Events Could Result in Gargantuan Solar Tsunamis, New Studies Suggest

By Brandon Specktor July 30, 2019

What causes the sun's 11-year cycle of sunspot activity? According to two new studies, it could be literal tsunamis of plasma.

New Orleans Braces for Intense Floods As Tropical Storm Barry Rolls In

By Yasemin Saplakoglu July 12, 2019

New Orleans is bracing for a tropical storm that is expected to hit tonight or tomorrow, bringing with it chances of intense flooding.

Pakistan's 'Earthquake Island' Has Vanished

By Rafi Letzter July 11, 2019

A mud-volcano island that burst from the waters off the coast of Pakistan during a deadly earthquake in 2013 has disappeared beneath the waves.

SoCal Has An 8% Chance of Another Huge Quake This Week

By Stephanie Pappas July 08, 2019

Even so, the chance of big quakes near Ridgecrest, California, decreases with time.

The Science Behind Washington's Scary 'Flash Flood Emergency'

By Rafi Letzter July 08, 2019

One critical factor turned the heavy rainfall in Virginia and Washington D.C. into a flash flood emergency.

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An Even Larger Quake Just Rocked Southern California. Experts Say the Fault System Is Growing.

By Tia Ghose July 06, 2019

This time, a magnitude-7.1 temblor struck the region near Ridgecrest, California. Experts say the next one could be even bigger.

As Aftershocks Rattle Southern California, a More Powerful Earthquake Could Soon Strike, Experts Warn

By Yasemin Saplakoglu July 05, 2019

Southern California was rattled by a magnitude 6.4 quake on Thursday (July 4). Bigger quakes could be coming soon.

Satellite Image Captures a Total Solar Eclipse and a Hurricane in One Awesome Shot

By Mike Wall July 03, 2019

The GOES-West weather satellite captured the gorgeous shot.

Human Civilization Will Crumble by 2050 If We Don't Stop Climate Change Now, New Paper Claims

By Brandon Specktor June 04, 2019

Human society could collapse by 2050, a new climate policy paper claims.

Powerful Tornadoes Rip Through Midwest, the Plains, Leaving Trail of Destruction

By Yasemin Saplakoglu May 29, 2019

A destructive tornado moved through the outskirts of Kansas City on Tuesday, injuring at least a dozen people and killing one.

Why Thousands of Aftershocks of a 1959 Earthquake Just Rumbled Through Yellowstone 60 Years Later

By Brandon Specktor May 28, 2019

Recent rumblings at Yellowstone National Park are actually aftershocks of a quake that occurred 60 years ago.

Violent Tornadoes and Flooding Are Expected in Oklahoma and Texas Tonight

By Rafi Letzter May 20, 2019

Oklahoma, northwest Texas and the Texas panhandle are bracing for a day of extreme weather, including dangerous tornadoes, flooding and thunderstorms.

A Massive 'Blob' of Rock Stretching Under Asia Might Be Triggering Hundreds of Earthquakes

By Brandon Specktor May 15, 2019

A massive, underground "blob" might be triggering hundreds of earthquakes in the Hindu Kush mountains.

Retracted Study: How a Volcano in Japan Halted an Earthquake

By Mindy Weisberger May 10, 2019

Falsified data suggested that an earthquake was terminated by one of the most active volcanoes in Japan.

Off the Coast of Portugal, the Earth's Crust Might Be Peeling in Two

By Yasemin Saplakoglu May 07, 2019

It might explain the massive earthquake of 1755 which destroyed the city of Lisbon

NASA Just Detected the First Marsquake on the Red Planet

By Yasemin Saplakoglu April 23, 2019

The InSight Lander has been listening for marsquakes since December.


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