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10 months ago
Topics: Life, Respect, Love, Girl, Successful, ...

Its March-15-2022 . I am going to write my post . I was nervous what I will write today. I was thinking about that I should write about something which will helpful for peoples. If anybody like this post and he or she can gain some idea then my writing will be successful. Here I am going to write about :

  • what is life?

  • how to select best plan for life?

  • what we will need to do to be a happiest person in life?

  • what's type of step we need to follow and how to become a successful man/woman in our life?

  • conclusion

Everybody here can you express what is life? I think different persons has different view about life. Somebody say to me life is like a place or time where we create and has sent here to stay and do some social work or do enjoy or job etc. Some will say to do gossip with friends or make lots of relationship or one relationship is the life for mine. Many say to help poor or old guys and help orphan kids is the main view of my life. Today I will share with you about my view what I am thinking about life and how to lead life?

To me life its a simple word but it has deep description. Nobody can say it perfectly. To me life means spend time with my family, friends, relatives and do work, enjoy time , do social activities, pray and most important is be a successful person. To lead life you have to be perfect one. Many people are well educated but can not be perfect for all. Yeah its not possible. To be successful one always need to be highly educated. you just need to keep attention in your attitude and activates what you are doing with others people.

I am giving you an example . Suppose you are walking beside the high way and you saw a blind people are waiting in beside to the road. Many guys are watching. But nobody helping him/her to cross the road. But when you see that things you run away and help that bling person to across the road. He/she did pray for you . But if you think your time waste, why you will do, why other don't do , why this emotion come to me? Yeah to me its your life which you have done few moments ago. You just not getting happiness by helping this blind person you helped yourself also . Do you know what is that? Yes its you earn DUA and you feel happiness inside from your soul.

Plan and focus:

In our life nobody can say when we need to left this world. Today we all are here. But maybe tomorrow we will not be here. If our last breath limit over we all need to go out from this world. So in this life we all need to do few plan and we need to concentrate how to be a good and successful person in our short life.

If you can make good plan and keep focus on it nobody can stop you to say, YEAH THATS THE GUY WHO ARE GREAT AND SUCCESSFUL . So we all need to do plan how to become a great and successful person. I am showing you some category below. Follow this.

  • Honest

  • Education

  • Emotion

  • social activities

  • prayer

  • attention to help others

  • cordial

  • speak truth

  • focus on your goal

  • motivate others

  • Love

  • Respect

If you can make those work then you will gain this title Great person and successful person you are.

If you are honest , educated, emotional, cordial, true speaker, aimer, motivator, helping minded , creator trustor then nobody can stop you to say that you are real one and great one . Just keep focus on this and work on it.

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Suppose a girl married to a guy she doesn't know who is he or where she will move. But as our tradition after marry a girls need to move to husband house. She is fully unknown one for all. can you say when the girl is successful? Yeah when she can make all the unknown person stranger to known and make them happy by her attitude, work, behavior, respect, emotion then others will say that's the perfect lady we take to our family. And that time successful words get full meaning in her life.

Conclusion: We all need to move to our creator place from where we came from. I trust about creator. So I would like to say just keep focus on few works then you will be a real man to known and unknown to all. Its the main motive of life that you get a name that you are real and good person .Its the achievement of our life.

Thanks to being with me by reading and upvote and thumbs up.

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Avatar for Shawon130
Written by   135
10 months ago
Topics: Life, Respect, Love, Girl, Successful, ...
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Life is hard to live. But if you forget your sorrow nothing can stop your smile.

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10 months ago

yes its true. I also agree with you.

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10 months ago

I'm following your leads brother. I know you have vast experiences in life.

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10 months ago

life is too difficult . I am passing bad time in my life.

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10 months ago