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Feeling happy to share many things by I got great opportunity to share many matter of life style here. as we know we all like to earn money and want to develop our life style. Everyone like to earn money some does it with good way and some does that with wrong way. But i always wish everybody in this world will work hard with his own plan and earn money in right way.

at first we all need to remind that where we come from and what's the main motive to send in this world. as we know in this world what we will do we have to get prize for our work. who does bad income I will suggest them please don't do this. bad always bad ok no one can feel proud that if he or she earn money by bad income. In this world has lots of chance to earn money. Many does job many does business . Different ways has to earn money.

Today I will share one of my plan and share my own story with you. I hope everybody will read this and try to select this things as earning zone for you and your relatives or friends. share this matter with everyone you know ok.

as we know by doing job its hard to live life . Because everyone can not earn good salary or can not improve by doing job. so its the easy way if you and i can do business and if our plan ok then we can increase our earning day by day. its now 2022 not 1500. we have to increase our thinking about how to improve our business for this reason need sourcing education and plan about your business and must be need attentive about your work or plan to completed everyday.

as we know online earning by doing or making website or others things . Here's has lots of B2B sites or ecommerce site where we can sell our products and we can get lots of clients from all over the world. I will suggest who can not find any way they can start to earn money from online by opening a online shop and register to renowned site. if he or she can does digital marketing then has many ways like Facebook , Instagram, telegram twitter and many more apps in online. just need to keep in touch with your customer and provide them good quality products what you have. if you can make a trust to your clients your earning will not decrease it will increase day by day.

i can mention a site in Bangladesh which is or .But as you know in every country has own B2B sites or ecommerce sites. from where they like to do online earning by providing business. here all we know we need to open own platform which will be free or many sites don't allow all facilities without premium members.

to start work in any types of B2B sites need to register first . they will verify your all information if they are true sites. after this they will give you place to upload your products which you have. as you know everybody in this world like unique products which they can show up to others. so keep in mind and make plan what's types of product customers like to buy. if you can select few unique item then it will be great for you to start your earning. I am assuring you if you can contact with few shops or company and do marketing in online platform they will pay you commission

and another way is if you want to start your own business its also easy. you can select same process. just you will upload only your company products. Digital marketing gives us a huge opportunity to earn money and all over the world people now like to give order in online and they like to buy products from online shop. its a easy process to buy and take your product in your home. Earning money not hard just need proper way .if you can make plan and get a proper way nobody can stop to earn money.

so I will mention you will not need more investment you just need plan to start money by selling others products. nobody knows you have shop or not but if can make link and can gain trust of your client then you can does business by selling others business man products.

Hope this will help you to earn money by doing work or business in online.

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I would like to do business but it is difficult to find investment

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1 year ago

I also like to do . Same problem in my side also.

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1 year ago

Best wishes for you brother. Hope you gain more success.

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1 year ago

thanks for your wish. we do party together hahaha.

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1 year ago