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Important of Healthy food with items list & cooking style of mine .

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8 months ago

Is anybody here who can say they don’t like their health or they like to be sick? I think nobody like to say they wants to live life with sickness. To be well we all need to do routine to eat good quality food which are really needed for our body. It’s called healthy food. Today we will know various types of healthy food item and will share my own cooking recipe yesterday I made and ate.

We all knows that human body needs good quality food. If you eat good quality food with routine, then you will be healthier and you can enjoy your life.  Most of the people we can see are sick and go to doctor and take admit to the hospital. Do you know why they are suffering this sickness? Yeah most of them are suffering for unhealthy food. Take healthy food and be safe. Here I am going to show you some list of healthy food which really important for human body. Focus on below:

Fruits item:

Fruits are really important for human body. In medical science has a words if any person take an apple regularly than he or she does not need to admit hospital. By this words we can understand the important of fruits for human body. Here I am going to share few fruits item name in below.

1.    Apples

2.    Avocados

3.    Bananas

4.    Blueberries

5.    Oranges

6.    Strawberries

7.    Grapes

8.    Mangoes

9.    Olives






Nuts and seeds:

Its really great to take Nuts and seeds. Many don’t know the usefulness of nuts and seeds. I just like to say keep taken nuts daily and you feel better in your life. Here I am showing you few items of healthy nuts and seeds.


     2.Chia Seeds


     4.Macadamia nuts


     6.Brazil nuts

Vegetables Item:

Without vegetables nobody can feel healthy. We really need to take vegetables regularly. Here I am going to share some vegetables name in below. We all need to keep vegetables in our daily routine.


2.Bell peppers








10. Tomatoes






Fish and seafood Items:

Fish and seafood items in daily food routine is so urgent. We all need to keep focus in fish item more than meat. Fish and seafood items makes us healthier.







Grains Items:

It’s so useful for human body and we all needs to take calories for our body. By taking this daily we get more power and strength in our body.

1.Brown rice




Protein Item:

Maybe in this world more then 70-80 percent people like to take meats. Yeah we all like to take this. Its need for our body. Without protein you cannot get strength and your body don’t work properly. But take protein in rules. Don’t take more. Because to take more protein you can be sick. So I will suggest to avoid protein a lot.

1.    Egg

2.    Meats

3.    Chicken breasts

4.    Lamb


Today I am going to share special recipes of mine yesterday I made for myself. Last few days I did wrong and I am suffering some problem in my body. So I take decision that I will take vegetables and left meat item and oily foods. So I bought some vegetables from market and I cooked those items. For your kind information I am not a cooker. But I want to be healthy. So I saw videos in online how to cook vegetables without oil. I got the videos and I tried myself.

I will show you pictures of my cooking and vegetables item. Focus on below where I will show you what’s type of vegetables I cooked yesterday.


1.   Carrots

2.   Cabbages

3.   Tomatoes

4.   Onion

5.   Garlic

6.   Egg

7.   Turnips

8.   Some masala

As I said I am not special in cooking. But yes I feel that I have to overcome from my sickness and I need to take healthy food. So I boiled those vegetables with mixing with each other and mixed some masala.

I did this yesterday evening for my dinner time. And take this food in morning time also. It looks great and yummy. To tasty or yummy is not important to me main fact is I have to be fit and I have to eat healthy food without using oil.

it’s so urgent for all of us to stay healthy. Because if we take oily food or don’t maintain any routine than we will be fat. It’s really risky to be fat. Lots of problem we have to suffer if we are fat.

Before 30 years old take few meats but my suggestion and recommendation will be after 30 years left to eat protein items and needs to be vegetarian and take fish. It’s really need for our health. A life is so important to alive not only for himself or herself its really need for your family members.


Thanks for reading and comment here. Is this food really looks yummy and tasty?

All pictures captured and designed by me.

Be healthy and be safe and enjoy life. keep in touch with reading comment and thumbs up. @shawon130


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Avatar for Shawon130
Written by   136
8 months ago
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I like to eat vegetables but i can not cook well 🤪

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8 months ago

you can see the cooking video from online. I hope it will help you.

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8 months ago

I love your food shawon. It's really healthy. Yesterday I cooked some veggies with soup too. We should eat a healthy foods shawon for our health. Thank you so much for sharing this shawon. This is really informative.

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8 months ago

hahaha. then invite me. We two guys will come to your house. @Lucifer01 and @shawon130

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8 months ago

Ah... so you and luci are friends?

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8 months ago

Big brother. He is my big brother.

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8 months ago

Ah okay luci. Now I know. ☺️

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8 months ago

My dear Chef brother, please invite me. Waiting to have such a meal together.

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8 months ago

hahahaha brother can you eat this? I think not possible. But you are always welcome to foyzlake.

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8 months ago