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We can Rest but don't Give Up

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4 months ago
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Talking about the rigors of life, of course, each of us has different experiences and views. In addition, those of us who come from poor living backgrounds, may speak louder when asked about the rigors of life.

But do those whose lives are above average don't experience this? Oops, don't get me wrong, because they too have experienced the hardships of life even though it's only a small part of their lives.

What about the billionaires and successful world figures? Of course we often read the life stories of famous and successful figures in the world, that their success was born after going through a difficult process in their past lives.

Thus, of course, we all agree that as human beings, we must not avoid the harshness of the life of the world. I don't know to what extent, but everyone must have experienced such struggles. Starting from economic problems, socio-cultural, political, health, and so forth.

But actually what makes some people able to overcome the hardships of life until now become successful people and their lives change for the better, not because they fight to the death let alone avoid it all, but they face it intelligently, wisely, and keep it. Walk on the right path. When facing various very complicated problems, it is true that running away is a mistake. Besides the fact that the problem will not be solved, it will make us more open in dealing with the problem. Until finally have to keep running from life's problems.

Are we struggling to solve this problem? Yes... but also not having to fight to the death using all available abilities. Why? Because that's stupid too. When we act like that then there is a possibility that we get, the first, the problem is indeed solved but has run out and cannot enjoy victory. The second is that the problem is not finished because we really run out of energy and finally give up losing without the results we want. We become depressed, hopeless, even lose everything we have. It can happen sooner or later because we struggle in the wrong and ineffective way.

So how best?

Yes, never give up and don't run from problems. But be wise in dealing with problems. If we feel a lot of pressure and it seems like everything is stuck with no way out then it's best to STOP FOR TIME TO REST. Yes, that is the key. Take a break before we die silly.

Rest is important so that we can restore energy, restore the soul, and give us a chance to think. Sometimes when we are busy fighting, we will become dull as time goes on. We are so boisterous with screaming and groaning that we see no possible solution. We need rest to give our brain a chance to refresh until it functions properly.

Rest gives us time to evaluate the results we have achieved and to determine our next steps. And when we rest, it's like we are undergoing treatment to heal all the wounds we suffered in the previous struggle.

So, we have seen how important rest is. Rest does not mean avoiding let alone giving up. But rest is the time when we prepare to further increase our strength to face all problems.

Are you tired of the rigors of life? If yes, then take a break but NEVER GIVE UP!!

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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Menyerah tah ora, tapi nek sambat apa olih pak? Haha

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4 months ago

Olih, asal sig lumrah bae. Hahaha

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4 months ago