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My way to not tired when using technology

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4 months ago
Topics: Technology, Work, Rest
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Almost every day I am always in front of a screen, especially when I am working. I use various digital devices to simplify and streamline my daily activities. Start looking for presentation materials and some of the latest news information, to see the weather forecast. Technology has finally changed the way I use my time. So, I have to stay focused on setting priorities as I work. Overexposure to internet technology for work and entertainment purposes can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion. For its use needs to be regulated, the goal of managing internet use is to find balance, reduce mental fatigue, and realize digital health for myself. There are several ways that I usually do to be more aware when using internet technology.

Set the time between work and rest

Before starting work, I will take the time to define daily goals that I want to achieve, to make it easier to focus on specific tasks. If possible, I will try to separate between work and rest space, so that when I am working, it is not easy to be tempted to lie down every 10 minutes. During breaks, I'll turn off notifications and keep the laptop away from my eyes. I will set clear times when I will work and when I can rest.

I would consider limiting my time using the app or browsing other sites.

Use notifications to help with physical activity

When I'm at home, I often get video calls in a row. It's best to pause between virtual meetings to rest my mind. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity per week. I can try activating voice commands on my phone, such as Google Assistance, so that it can serve as a reminder for me to get physical. Like doing light stretching every 2 hours. No matter how big or small, physical activity can provide health benefits that help improve my mental health.

Restoring the mind to maintain focus and energy

Whether on weekdays or weekends, I take advantage of my spare time to sleep and wake up at regular times to establish a steady rhythm and improve sleep quality. I also tried "Sleep time mode" on android which will automatically activate the "Do Not Disturb" feature and make my device screen go dark at the time I choose. Trying to stop using the phone near bedtime to improve my sleep quality. Exposure to blue light from cell phones can have a negative impact on the natural sleep cycle as it delays the release of the hormone melatonin and keeps the brain awake.

The widespread presence of technology in everyday life must be used for things that are useful, provide benefits, and help everyone achieve a balance that is suitable for each individual.

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Written by   14
4 months ago
Topics: Technology, Work, Rest
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