Life is Private Property, not Common Property

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"If we don't understand, it's better to be quiet."

Maybe we often say this sentence when other people start to interfere with our life problems. The habit of criticizing and judging others seems to be our responsibility and we justify it. Even though it is clear that we know that life is actually everyone's privacy, not to be exhibited let alone judged or criticized so that we can experience or feel how painful it is when trials come to us.

This looks trivial but it really disturbs someone's comfort in being together. If we can't be the solution to other people's problems, at least we won't be pollution to them. We don't need to know everything about other people, there's no need to judge let alone corner. It is enough for us as listeners to not laugh at them and we sufficiently appreciate their existence without condescending because we are far from perfect.

There is a wise saying that says "Whatever you want others to do to you, do to them too". I hope we all understand what the laws of nature are, without us realizing that the time will come for us to reap what we sow and that is how it is. We will receive according to our deeds.

This became a real experience for me, when I got a new assignment, namely starting an assignment in the world of lectures, there was a friend who always commented on my abilities. His comments were striking and seemed to be true. Maybe if anyone who hears these comments will think negatively about me. However, I ignored that comment because I think the life I am currently living is my life, and God's grace is sufficient for me to complete this study process. I fought to the last point until I graduated with satisfactory grades and on time. So what about other people's comments? The answer is "Let it go", let reality answer all those questions.

After I finished my studies, I was immediately assigned to one of the foundation schools. I also got the job of homeroom teacher at the school. Teaching is indeed my main task but on the sidelines of time I take the time to develop my talents, one of which I became an editor for a school Chanel. It's not an easy thing but thanks to my perseverance, I can run it well. Although the results are far from perfect.

This experience on the one hand makes me proud but on the other hand I want to make other people open their eyes wide to one's abilities. Maybe in one area I can't, but in another I can. I don't mean to embarrass a friend who has commented harshly on my abilities, but thanks to the achievements I've earned, I managed to embarrass and blush. If you could say we are not competing, but let's show a more mature attitude, let's complement each other, let's share with each other, step together so that we can achieve the goals we hope for.

Through this little experience I want to say that we live in the same world but keep in mind that life is not shared. We can't just ruin other people's lives. Life is a private space, let other people manage their own life like this and so on, let others arrange their life the way they want. Every now and then we can interfere in other people's lives but that does not mean the opportunity is a space for us to publish it.

It's better for us to be quiet about other people's lives and maybe that's wiser. Moreover, if we do not understand about their lives, we do not need to be busy to find out. Let other people and their God take care of all the problems of other people's lives and we take care of our lives so that we become better people. Sometimes we forget to improve ourselves because we are too busy fixing other people's lives. The others had already advanced ten steps while we remained in place.

So, let's keep ourselves busy to fix ourselves and take a little distance from busyness to take care of others. Hopefully we can be a wiser person.

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