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Human Nature and Character (he said) Cannot be Changed

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1 month ago
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Talking about human nature and character which he said could not be changed. It's interesting for me to share my opinion on this. Yes, although I am not a competent person to discuss things related to psychology.

The thing that made me interesting and wanted to express my opinion, was because previously I had coffee and chat with my partner, namely talking about human nature and character that cannot be changed.

The two of us have often gone together just to have coffee and enjoy the beauty of the city. But on that particular day, it was the two of us who usually sit back and relax. Discussing this, the sitting position became straighter like a board member in a meeting. Lol

I have the belief that human nature and character can be changed, while my partner is adamant that human nature and character is external, it cannot be changed.

We insist on each other because we have strong reasons for each other, one of the factors is the things we have been through and we have different judgments to deal with life.

Previously, I started with the meaning of nature and character.


If you follow the KBBI dictionary, properties are the appearance and condition of an object; outward sign.


While the characters of the KBBI are psychological, moral, and character traits. or character that distinguishes one person from another.

If I conclude it means the nature and character of a person's behavior in living his daily life, whether it's addressing and solving a problem in life.

Why do I believe that human nature and character can be changed? Because these two things are formed not solely genetics, but from the environment, the association in which we all live.

I take the simple thing first, a dog can be loyal to his master, not only a dog will be loyal and obedient if the dog does not undergo the process of being trained to obey. Another simple thing, the existence of an elementary school, the rules at home that as long as we were small were regulated by both parents. What is the goal for? Yes, shape our nature and character so that later it can be directed better.

Humans who make changes in themselves will usually show several things that mark the changes, namely:

• Awareness to change comes from oneself, not persuasion from others. Strong motivation from within is a person's main capital to change.

• Confess all his actions and no longer deny, blame others, or make excuses for the violent behavior he has done in the past, either by apologizing or compensating for certain losses due to the violence he has committed.

• Accept the consequences of his actions.

People who have a hard nature can accept if the people who have been victims of them keep their distance from them. They will not actually get angry and vent their frustration, but respect the decision and try to continue to improve their attitude to show that they are in the process of changing for the better.

• Have other ways of controlling emotions.

A change in the way you respond to and vent your anger, no longer by using verbal or physical violence, can be a sign of real change.

I myself believe that human nature and character can be changed, the strong reason is the things that I have been through as far as possible, from failure sometimes we can make ourselves change for the better, as long as we can take the important values ​​in these bitter things, and certainly will not be instant, there is a process for all changing human nature and character..

A few opinions from me. Again, this is just my opinion enjoying the self-improvement process. It's not just nutrition that needs to be improved, we also have to improve our nature and character.

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Written by   14
1 month ago
Topics: Nature, Character, Opinion, Human, People, ...
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