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What should you know before the age of 25?

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1 year ago

What should you know before the age of 25?

1. Don’t waste time for those who don’t understand your value.

2. Don't argue with anyone on social media.

3. When you send a message or email to someone, you will understand. Because it can strike in horrible forms that you never imagined.

4. Never try to convey your feelings to people. He who understands will understand by himself, and he who does not understand cannot be understood as a thousand.

5. Mental well-being is needed before physical well-being.

. Your colleague is just a colleague. If not very rare, colleagues are never friends.

. Online Relationships: Nothing but a waste of time. Want to check? Give a post that you need money, you will see that no one will reply. There are exceptions to this but exceptions are never examples.

. When you are very happy or sad, it is very important to control what the car is saying. It can cause harm to you.

9. Give yourself time to develop yourself. Learn, earn money, stay healthy and so on.

10. Love yourself. Because this is the one you will spend your whole life with.

There is no need to post long paragraphs on how the world can improve or how the government should behave. Everyone knows what needs to be done. Instead, take small steps in your own capacity and you will see a change; Help someone with what they need, talk to people with a smile, use good manners, help someone cross the street, appreciate people. Believe me, such a small task is more powerful than 1000 hours of Ted-Talk.

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