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What is love-

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1 year ago

♡♡ -What is love-

Sujan started thinking in her mind that Tania brought water to someone's forehead and gave it to Sujan to eat. Sujan said after finishing drinking water.

Sujan: Why don't you go to college?

Tania: How can I go ,,, whatever you do ,,,

Sujan: What did I do?

Tania: What have you done? You know how much I've suffered.

Sujan: I used to be beaten every day ,,,,,

Tania: What happened is good ,,, now get out of the house ,,,,,

Sujan: If I don't come out then ,,,

Tania: It's fun watching ,,,

Sujan: No, no, I'm leaving. Come to college tomorrow. Tania: All right.

Sujan came and started thinking how to tell Tania what is on her mind ,,,,, The next day Tania came to college ,,, Tania is feeling different today ,, Sujan is looking at Tania from afar in amazement ,, Who is this girl ,, Sujan is feeling very good today Sujan agrees to Tania's call with a smile on her face

Tania: What happened, look what happened.

Sujan: That girl is beautiful.

Tania: Which girl ,,,

Sujan: The girl behind you ,,,

Tania: Is your day my day ,,,

Sujan ran in fear ,, Tania chased after ,,,, Sujan stood up and Tania tied something on one of them and fell on Sujan's neck ,,,,

Sujan down, Tania up, Sujan cuts off the tip of Tania's finger with her mouth.

Tania: What have you done?

Sujan: What did I do, I mean no one noticed my beautiful friend ...

Tania: So ,,,

Sujan: Hmm.

Tania: What do you think?

Sujan: That's right, sorry.

Tania: It's okay.

Sujan: Will you lie on my body or get up ,,,,,

Tania was embarrassed, then got up, the relationship between the two was going very well, no one would let anyone understand their love ,,,,, Su

If John talked to any girl, he would scold Sujan for free, if Sujan jingled, he would say, he doesn't like these things, he doesn't like Sujan alone, he always stayed together in college, he used to sit in class, He used to do the opposite and then Tania would give Sujan to Dholai ,,,,,,,

Tania suddenly calls Sujan but doesn't pick up the phone. Tania is in a lot of tension. Sujan sees Tania's phone and calls Tania. Tania has to receive the phone. ,,,

Tania: Where was the dog?

Sujan: In the next room ,,,

Tania: I was in the next room or with another girl ,,,,

Sujan: What are you talking about ,,,, I will tell you what happened ,,,,

Tania: Nothing ,,,

Sujan: Why are you talking like that ,,,,

Tania: There is good news for you ,,,,

Sujan: What good news ,,,

Tania: My marriage ,,,

Sujan was not ready for it. The ground under her feet moved. Unknowingly, water came out of the corner of the check.

Tania: Why are you silent?

Sujan: Where are you, when will you get married, son, how are you?

Tania's mind went bad ,,,,

Tania: Married tomorrow,

Sujan: What are you talking about?

Tania: Hmm ,,,

Sujan: Then you can have a lot of fun

Tania hung up the phone and started crying.

Sujan also started crying silently ,,, Tania started thinking whether Sujan loves me or not ,, I could never explain ,, the next day Tania was sorted but Sujan has not been found yet ,, Tania thought nothing happened to Sujan ,, just then, phone Aslo, for which Tania was not ready ,,, Sujan is no more ,, Tania can't believe her ears ,,,,,, she ran to cry ,,,,

Tania sat down next to Sujan, lying silently, Tania pressed Sujan's head to her chest and started crying and said, "Sujan, don't get up, please, tell me once, I love you, I love you very much, don't tell me." Once I love, Tania gave a diary in her hand, Tania opened the char on the first page, writing, My sweet mad Tania loves you so much, I don't know if I can ever say no, if you don't love me, should I be worthy of you? I can, I know, it doesn't feel worthy of love, it only happens when two minds come together, starting from the next page, Tania, I'm crazy to see your smile, your smile was mine.

Happiness, I used to eat sir's gossip every day, and then when you were smiling I would forget everything ,,,,, Sir, the day you scolded me, I couldn't keep myself right after seeing your tears, my chest was torn with difficulty ,,, when you fell on my chest I thought I would keep you in my arms for the rest of my life, but it didn't happen anymore, I can't see if you will be someone else's, so I left ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

What do you think, you will leave me alone, it will not happen anymore ,,, I can not love anyone but you ,,,,, Tania also left everyone in the land of no return with Sujan ..

- Let me know how you feel.

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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