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My darling

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1 year ago

My darling

I went to the sky with you that night, there were clouds in the sky, the sky cried seeing you. You are happy to the sky. I've been to the moon with you, I've talked to the stars, the sun has faded in the water of your tears as you approach the sun.

Sometimes, you want to leave, sometimes you want to get lost, don't talk, get bored at night, get lost in the throes of a thousand stars, and rain on your cheeks. Why all this? Why all this?

You can't go if you want to go

My shadow will not leave you

And thus the drizzle

Don't cheek

I can't stand your rain

You are very arrogant, but not the least bit arrogant

My shadow cannot forget your maya

Can't forget

You see, I don't know how, I'm just writing everything, I haven't been able to write anything beautiful about you yet, you know? I don't want to write songs about you, I want to write poems, I want to write rhymes. At the end of the day, I want to kiss you on the forehead because I love you.

Krishnacura is my ...

You are green like the dew-drenched grass of autumn

As high as a mountain

Flow like a river

Sing like a bird

And in your mind, your yard, yard.

Roy among you, the soul of my mind!

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A fantastic write up. Keep it dear.

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1 year ago