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Islam has given woman the status of mother ---

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1 year ago

--- Islam has given woman the status of mother ---

There is no doubt that Islam has given the highest rights to women. Which no other religion has given in the past and will not be able to give in the future.

Even then, those who want to liberate women from the shackles of Islam or chant the slogan of establishing rights are actually thinking about women's rights but want to make women products / consumer goods, which is not allowed by Islam.

They don't fight for a man as much as they do for a woman. This means that they do not want to give rights to women but want to use women to boost their business.

Now the question may arise in the minds of many-

If Islam gives women the highest respect and dignity, why are there so many negative comments about women in Islam?

The real answer to this is that it is never the intention of Islam to ridicule a woman with all these comments. Can do It is not a fault of the woman's own individual character but a creative ability. Through which they can create any chaos in the society if they want. In the field of Islam, women have been exposed to all the harmful abilities of women in order to warn men not to fall into the trap of being deceived by the devil. And in order for women to be aware of their own harmful abilities and to be careful and cautious at all times, Islam has revealed the negative abilities of women. Not to blame women or to belittle women.

The thing is,

You told your child - Dad, don't go to that forest, stay away from there. Because there is a snake, it will bite. Your ignorant child asked without understanding-

Dad, what is a snake? What happens when a snake bites? You then told your child to create fear in his mind about snakes and to keep him away from the jungle. The foam started to come out, in the end people died and so on and so forth.

Note that it is not your intention to blame the snake here, but what you have said is not the fault of the snake but its creative power. But he is a snake because he has all these powers. Otherwise it could have been a buying fish. Be careful you point out some traits or abilities of the snake to your child but some of the horrible faults.

What is the purpose? This is to create fear in your child's mind so that if a snake ever chases your child unnecessarily, your child will run away from the snake for fear.

Islam has done exactly the same thing about women to warn the male race and to be careful that women themselves refrain from exercising those harmful powers.

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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