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I am that girl

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1 year ago

I am that girl

I am that girl.

On the bus, on the train, on the street you see Rose

Whose sari, forehead tip earrings and ankles

You see Rose.


Dream of seeing many more.

You see whomever you want in a dream.

I am that girl.

In the remote villages of Bihar whose shadows are trampled by daylight

Forbidden in your religion, and from the slums in the middle of the night

You send Pike Barkandaj to pick it up

And in the well-appointed bed for which one is subject to waiting

Your royal debauchery

I am that girl.

I am that girl - from Kamin slum in Chabagan, Assam

Whom you want to take to Sahebi Bungalow at midnight

Want to see the light of the fireplace in the eyes of the wine

Whose naked body

I am that girl.

Bring thirsty water from the dry yard of Rajasthan to whom you are

Sent ten miles to Government Indara - and twenty miles

Kant is devastated when he walks away

Bake your bread in front of the stove fire

I am that girl.

I am the girl you want to be immersed in or on the banks of the Ganges

In the green of Victoria or in the blue darkness of the cinema hall

You want to give it to the eyes of the false dream kajal and run out

Arrange your flowers like a pack of cigarettes thrown on the side of the road

The car rushes to the city to complete the happy marriage-

Standing alone in the twilight of the light seen by the bride

I am that girl.

I am the girl - even the gods do not forgive. Pride

And the pride of the power in the womb of the virgin insult

And in the tears of the river

Karna has to give up. To the nephew.

I am that girl.

I am the only hope in difficult times in the world.

My mother's medicine is bought with the money taught by my students.

My extra income was used to buy my brother's books.

My whole body gets wet in the heavy rain.

With the black sky on his head

I am an umbrella.

The family lives happily under the umbrella.



Has done a lot for me.

In literature, in poetry, in scripture, in folklore

Worshiped as mother.

Adikhyeta has said that nature- r

In the dead end of the city

He also painted the lips and made Kupi stand with his hands.

Yes, I am that girl.

Maybe one day

Maybe one day - maybe another day

By throwing away all my false clothes

I will become that extraordinary!

Open hair will cover my open back like a cloud.

A great fire will burn in both eyes.

Terrible radiance will come out of your forehead.

The sword will flash in his hand.

Ranadundavi will sound on the anklet of the two feet.

The sky will be filled with brutal laughter.

The gods will also continue to speak in terror

Mahameghprabhang Ghorang Muktakesing Chaturbhujang

Kalikang Dakshinang Mundamala Bibhusitang.

Like a terrible fire

I'll keep going! And on both sides of my path

Numerous headless bodies will continue to throb-

The body of civilization

Body of Progress-

Body of improvement-

The body of society

Maybe I'm that girl! Maybe! Maybe or.

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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