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Hidden letter...

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1 year ago

Hey there

But you do not touch me without my permission.

: I don't understand what you mean.

: Don't understand.

You don't touch me.

But I will cry.

: OK.

You don't have to cry either.

Now move a little, I'll sleep.

How would I sleep if I was sitting in the middle of the bed like this.

. : Listen, I'm 5 years younger than you.

So don't tell me you.

You tell me you do.

And I'll tell you.

: Why would that be.

Either you or I won't tell you.

: Look, if you don't listen, I will cry.

: Is it weird ,,,, to cry in words or not.

: No.

Earlier said whether agreed.

: Okay, I agree. You won't sleep.

: Listen, tonight I won't let any of you sleep.

: Why.

: I haven't made any love in my whole life.

I always thought that I would fall in love with the person I would marry.

And as long as I can't love him, I won't let him toss.

: Oh well.

I do not understand the reason for not sleeping with it.

: You don't sleep today.

I'll talk to you all night tonight.

: What a story.

. : The story of the dream I wrote in my mind about my groom.

: Emma ,,,,, I'm not very tired today.

Let's talk tomorrow.

: No ,,,,, today.

You sleep but I will pour water on you.

: How many (this winter night).

Let's talk rather than stay.

Tell me what to say.

: You are a good man.

Can't even speak properly.

Asks my name.

. : Ohh well your name is Raisa, no.

: Damn, does anyone ask like this?

: Then how to ask.

: Tell me ,,,, what is your name.

: But I know your name.

: Ehhhh ,,,,, but you.

That's what I'm saying.

: OK ,,,, what is your name?

: I am Raisa.

: What do you read?

: Honors 2nd year.

: What else?

: Damn ashes ,,,, what a boring man you are.

: What did I do again.

: OK you don't have to ask questions.

I'm telling myself.

: You know, all my friends used to have relations.

But I wouldn’t.

: Why.

: Because I want to be my groom's naughty sweet wife all the time.

: What kind.

: I always want ,,,, I will give all my love to my groom.

And I will irritate him very much.

: What kind?

: You know my needs are very small.

I don't want my house, car, good clothes, expensive furniture.

: Then what do you want.

: Every morning when you go to the office, give me a kiss on the forehead.

: And.

: Give me a call wherever you are before lunch.

Otherwise I will not eat.

: I'll give it to him. And.

: When I come back from the office, I have to bring chocolate, ice cream, blisters, something or other.

: And. . : If you ever forget, I'll send you out again.

: I'll bring him. And.

: I have to propose anew on all the good days including Valentine's Day, Marriage Day.

But no flowers can be given.

: How is it?

: Yes, that's right.

: And. : I like fog, chadni night, cold very much.

So sometimes you have to take a tour.

I will not say if you are busy. : OK. . : Occasionally on Chadni night, I would sit in the bell corner and have two cups of coffee.

: Why in a cup?

: Hmm, I will eat in one cup.

: OK, R: Sometimes on a rainy night I would go to the roof and get wet.

And you will propose to me with Kadam flowers.

: Where can I get Kadam flowers in this city.

: I don't know.

And even if you are angry, you have to break the anger with Kadam flower.

: This is ritual torture. Where can I get Kadam flowers all year round?

: I don't know.

: Well talk about other flowers.

: No. If I can't give Kadam flowers, I have to take him in my arms.

As long as the mind is not good, you have to keep it in your lap.

: I will survive if I take this 48 kg sack in my lap.

. : I don't know.

I will get fatter in a few days.

Still have to take in the lap.

: Say.

The first gulaito was good.

: All is well, whether you will take it in your lap.

: I'll take him, father.

: Listen.

: Hmm say.

: Open your stupid spectacles a little.

: Why.

: I'll see you.

I wear glasses with such a thick frame, I haven't seen you well yet.

: Well I will sleep ,,,, Good night tomorrow.

. . : You hear that there is a pillow here, where will I sleep.

: On my chest.

: You mean?

: Like you wrote many dreams about me in a hidden letter.

That's exactly what I wrote about you in my hidden letter.

My wife will always sleep with her head on my chest.

No matter how angry you are in the winter, no one can ever sleep at night without someone else.............................❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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