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Dear Cloud.

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1 year ago

Dear Cloud,

I used to call you rain, maybe you know! Since I used to walk around at the tip of your post 24 hours a day, call me by this name so that no one understands if I say I love the rain in a crowded meeting! Moreover, whenever I offered love, my face like the full moon would call out in the thick-black cloud, every answer would bring out negligence and arrogance! And this is also one of the reasons why you call Meghla a rain, you are now realizing the meaning, far from home! If you understand how much love I have dedicated that year!

But when I realized, I felt selfish, my daughter came to my lap that day! If you were to stand a little that day, my mother might have called you!

But no, the rain fell from your eyes, I smiled! Your arrogance was shattered, you got mad for a moment to get me, but I had to leave when I heard the call of the girl's mother! Far, far away, don't give back love now, there is no arrogance, there is only love to say no

I am selfish, I am selfish! You finally understand.....

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