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1 year ago


Every human being in the world seems to

Something went wrong

With the man you love

However, forgiveness is obtained, but

I think this is a man

That's not my fault

Didn't get pardoned ,,, actually mine

There were a lot of mistakes.

Of one's own life

Love more than

It's my fault. .Only

Dreams of happiness with you

Look, it's mine

Wrong ... I'll hurt you someday

Don't think so, it's mine

Wrong ... never in the corner of your eye

I will see a few tears

I didn't think it was my fault.

Not so, and for my mistake

What forgiveness is available, you


And so the result of all these mistakes

I'm enjoying, but you know

Although not in the midst of joy, now and then

Don't cry on the phone

Silent tears thinking about you

Jharai ,, still every sorrow

And the moment of trouble is one year

I think I wake up in the morning and startle,

You don't have to call, you do

Class time is passing. No at noon

Don't worry, you won't eat unless I call.

You wake up in the afternoon with the phone

You don't have to give up. Even on my phone at night

Waiting to eat you too late

You don't have to.

Now I put you to sleep on the phone

You don't have to pay.

I'm having a really bad time right now

Without your rule. plz babu just another seat

Like before. Everything is fine

Ongoing. I just can't. How is my everything?

I know it has become random. I am now

I lay in bed with a sick body. Smile alone

Crying alone ...

This is my life without you ....

And once again I beg you ..

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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