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A_father's_compassionate_cry ...

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1 year ago

# A_father's_compassionate_cry :::

A man lost his only two-year-old child and almost went insane. Unable to bear the baby lying in the grave, the father hugged him and lay down in the grave, the people next to him pulled him out of the grave with great difficulty. Her tears did not seem to be drying up. He later became sleepless. For a moment she could not forget the memory of her child.

# Suddenly one day the man fell asleep. He then saw in a daze an old man coming and threatening him. "What's the matter? Why are you crying so much? Enough! Now take care of yourself."

The father said: How can I live?

I can't believe I'm never going to see my baby again.

The old man said: Do you want to see him again?

The man said: Yes, yes, of course I want to see, I want to catch ...

# The old man said: All right. Come with me!

Then the old man appeared in front of a huge gate with his father. As soon as he opened the gate and entered, he saw many small children playing on the lawn. They seemed very happy and exuberant. But the man could not find his baby anywhere.

# The old man said: These kids were called here very early. They are very happy here.

The man said: But where is my child?

The old man then took the man to another gate

Stood in front

The man saw that there were many children here too, but everyone had a burning candle in their hands. The man started looking for his baby. After a while she noticed her baby standing in the corner of the gate holding a lightless candle. The man immediately ran and hugged her baby and gave her a hug. The man asked when he calmed down a bit

What dad? Why did you turn off the light?

The child said: Dad, I light the lamp again and again, but my lamp cannot be lit in your tears ...

# Dad why are you crying so much?

Hearing this, the father remained silent for a while and said: All right, father. From now on I will not cry anymore ... Turn on your lamp again ... The child's lamp lit up again. The child hugged his father for the last time and mingled with the other children with the lit candle.

# In fact, one should never cry for the dead people and seek the forgiveness of their souls without making life miserable. Because we are also running towards the same destination that has been determined before our birth.

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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