Earn bitcoin cash with these two websites.

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2 years ago
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  • Note !!! : Read the whole article to find the best way to earn more using both.

You may be familiar with thee two websites but you may be not sure whether they are legit. They are , BCHjolly and noise.cash.

1)Noise.cash - https://noise.cash/explore

They are paying you for posting posts and engage with the posts like commenting and like. They give you free tips which can't be withdrawn directly, but you can send tip to someone by clicking the $0.00 under each post and comment ans send thm the tip with a percentage as your commission. At the same time, you can earn tips from others by posting. If they like your post, they will tip you. But remember, don't get too much commission from the tip and don't do spam works.

There is no withdrawal option. They will ask your BCH address and the payment will be sent automatically to the given address in a time inerval.You can withdraw to:

coinbase, coins.ph , faucetpay , binance and also to jollybch deposit.

2) Bch jolly : https://bchjolly.com/

This is a cloud mining site where we can earn with given free 13000BCS satoshis and by depositing extra satoshis to increase the mining speed. After it reach the threshold limit of o.oo4 BCH, you can withdraw it to a BCH wallet.

But remember one thing: When you log in to this site, you have to give your BCH address as your login. The issue is, in any wallet when you copy the address of BCH after copying, the address will change. Except for the address of faucetpay. So it is better to copy the address you are using as a separate file. So you can keep track of your earnings and can withdraw when the time comes.

How to earn with both of these together :

Give the deposit address of BCHjolly as withdrawal address to noise.cash. It will definitely give profit. If you create multiple accounts of these in different browsers and different mail addresses. For example if you have 3 of each accounts, Use one withdrawal in faucetpay for instant withdrawals to save and use another account in bchjolly using your main bchjolly account's referral link. Now you will have 2 bch jolly accounts. one referral will be giving you a deposit commission when you withdraw from another noise.cash.

so try this way and get more profits without spending any money. All the best.

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