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Belief in religion is an innate instinct of the human heart.

Almost all the people in the world believe in religion.

Religion has a profound effect on people's individual-society, education-culture, economy-politics and international life.

All human beings are equal and identical in terms of creation.

Although there are differences in language, religion and caste, basically all people are equal.

The whole human community is created to be a single entity.

All Semitic religions express the same views on the creation of all human beings from one Adam.

That is, all the people of the world have been created from Adam and Eve by accepting all the Semitic religions.

In Hinduism, all human beings in the world have been created to be one Brahma.

Other religions also mention the creation of all human beings in the world from the same entity.

However, although all human beings are created to be one entity, not all are one in terms of shape and nature.

Thought-consciousness, feeling-belief are not the same for all human beings.

Due to these differences, evolution of time, cultural embodiment, influence of weather, etc.

Religion develops humanity and purifies the soul.

And it is through religion that spiritual advancement and moral strength are possible.

Religion teaches us to be patient in danger and to live happily ever after.

Religiosity makes people responsible and dutiful.

So the true righteous become honest and noble.

To them caste-religion is secondary.

All religions instruct humanity and forbid inhumanity.

All religions consider human service and creation service as virtue.

In addition, all religions have instructions for tolerance.

On the other hand, conflict and violence are forbidden in all religions.

Despite all this, religious communal riots have not diminished in the world.

However, the total number of people killed in these riots is much less than the number killed in political wars.

It is noteworthy that the number of mullahs, priests and priests is not high among those who led religious sectarian riots and took part in the destruction.

On the contrary, those who are not interested in practicing their religion are more prone to communal riots.

They consider religious aggression to be more virtuous than religious observance.

They consider slander of other religions as more religious work than practicing their own religion.

They think that killing people of other religions is more important than protecting people of their own religion.

Those who are not accustomed to following religious rules in life are at the forefront of religious communal riots

Religious ignorance is the root cause of religious intolerance and communal riots.

Religious ignoramuses do not know about their own religion.

So naturally they have no knowledge of other religions.

Their religious beliefs are incomplete and religious work is to show people.

They use religion for their own needs.

They consider the observance of religion as a matter of showing social responsibility and ritual.

They do not follow religious rules for spiritual purification or moral upliftment.

That is why they do not have religious tolerance.

They use religion only as a communal identity.

And their religious identity is only nominal.

They are ignorant of religious rules.

Achieving material interests under the guise of religion is the main purpose of their religion.

Those who do not have religious knowledge try to influence other religions with muscle power.

Due to these reasons, religious riots and clashes took place.

However, the pious religious people practice their religion as a mantra for worldly peace and worldly liberation.

On the other hand, greedy religious people use religion for their own benefit.

In religious places of worship such as mosques, temples, churches and pagodas, they wear religious garb and carry out anti-religious activities outside.

They consider only formal worship to be religion.

And they take these as elements of atonement.

That is why they are in the temple

Religiously educated people believe in the Holy Spirit.

And the Holy Spirit guides people to the path of progress and calms the senses.

Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Confucius, Zarathustra, and almost all religions of the world believe in tolerance, not conflict.

No religion may despise the promoter of another religion.

Islam does not consider its followers to be Muslims without recognizing the religious books of the Jewish Christians and the promoters of the religion as apostles of God.

Most of the rules of Islam are just versions of the previous Judeo-Christian religion.

The history and tradition of Jewish Christianity and Islam are identical.

Referring to the memory of this unity, Islam calls on the Semitic religion to unite, saying, "We believe in God and what has been revealed to us."

We believe in what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and his descendants, and what was given to Moses, Jesus and the other prophets from their Lord.

And we make no distinction between them.

Basically, we all surrender to Him (Allah) '(Imran-74).

Not only that, Islam has declared idolatry to be tolerant of religions other than the same, saying, ‘Those whom you call upon instead of Allah are blasphemers.

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Written by   59
1 year ago
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